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MagMAX CORE—The Last Sample Prep You May Ever Need

With MagMAX™ CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit, you’ll never have to upgrade your sample preparation kit again.

by Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Tired of upgrading your kit? With MagMAX™ CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit, you’ll never have to upgrade your sample preparation kit again.  

The core chemistry has built a sample preparation process that extracts very high quality nucleic acids which provide the best possible sample when moving into the diagnostics portion of the workflow. This helps to ensure the lab's results are accurate and actionable.

“Having a high level of confidence in the workflow, the equipment and the chemistry means knowing it’s a true positive or a true negative,” said Calvin Gunter, senior manager, product management at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Producers often must make economically important decisions for their operations based on diagnostics results, so accuracy is critical.”

porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolation from oral fluidsStudies Show Consistent Performance

Thermo Fisher has conducted validation studies in their laboratories in Austin, Texas and Lyon, France comparing MagMAX CORE to two recognized sample prep kits on the market. The studies indicated MagMAX CORE provides better or equivalent results across 14 unique matrices.

MagMAX CORE produced earlier cycle time (Ct) results in a qPCR workflow than other kits on the market, suggesting the MagMAX CORE kit extracts nucleic acids more efficiently compared to the other kits tested. This results in greater sensitivity while allowing for faster processing times.

“The work our R&D team has done to optimize the formulation has led to improved performance, including the chemical formulation and procedures,” Gunter said.

Bluetongue virus isolation from whole bloodLaboratory Application

The kit is used as a part of the molecular detection workflow. It’s used most often through qPCR, but it can also be used ahead of sequencing applications. It's designed to extract RNA and/or DNA from animal health samples.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific has a long history of magnetic bead-based sample preparation, and MagMAX CORE is an evolution of that process,” said Gunter. “Animal sample matrices are typically very high in qPCR inhibitors, which sometimes leads to inconclusive results. Our kit excels at removing those inhibitors from challenging animal sample types, so it’s highly effective for use in qPCR applications.”

MagMAX CORE validationGreater Convenience

MagMAX CORE offers several unique benefits to laboratories:

  • MagMAX CORE offers 14 unique matrices—the widest range of any sample kit on the market
  • Reagents are premixed, so there’s no need to mix with multiple alcohols to prepare for use
  • Reagents are shipped and stored at room temperature, providing less drain on freezer or refrigerator space
  • MagMAX CORE kit works seamlessly with Thermo Fisher’s KingFisher™ magnetic particle processors to deliver a comprehensive workflow solution
  • MagMAX CORE reduces the amount of plastics used by 20 percent, offering laboratories significant saving

KingFisher™ magnetic particle processorEvolving Modules

Thermo Fisher’s R&D teams are developing MagMAX CORE modules that can easily be incorporated into the core chemistry. If MagMAX CORE is already validated, it'll be easy to incorporate a simple, low cost, and efficient module into the current workflow. This helps ensure the kit is not just for today’s needs, but for future needs like next generation sequencing.

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