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qTOWER³ auto

qTOWER³ auto

by Analytik Jena US
Real-time PCR meets automation
The INTEGRA D-ONE single-channel pipetting module


An illustration of the visionize lab suite device management

VisioNize® Lab Suite

by Eppendorf
Visionize® lab suite is a universal cloud-based platform for lab and device management that gives you the ability to monitor your devices from anywhere, receive alarm notifications, and plan upcoming maintenance tasks.
A picture of Bruker's Hyperion II FT-IR and QCL Microscope

Elevating IR Imaging with the Hyperion II FT-IR and QCL Microscope

by Bruker Corporation
The Hyperion II FT-IR and QCL microscope combines ATR, transmission, or reflection, with single element MCT-, FPA-, or laser imaging measurements. Equipped with a focal-plane array (FPA) detector, the Hyperion II takes IR imaging to the next level and provides excellent spatial resolution and peak sensitivity for all analytical tasks.
A picture of the Bio-Rad PCR system.

PCR Plastics and Consumables – Quality Matters

by Bio-Rad Laboratories
Choose from a large selection of high-quality PCR plastics precisely manufactured for optimal fit and cycling performance in thermal cyclers, real-time PCR systems, and ddPCR systems.
A cartoon graphic of all of the services that Xiltrix offers through their laboratory monitoring systems.

XiltriX - The Heartbeat of Your Laboratory

by XiltriX
As a laboratory monitoring service provider for 30+ years, XiltriX North America’s services are tailored to fit each client’s unique lab and business goals. Our team will address all your equipment, environmental, and facility monitoring needs with 24/7 support to ensure the security of your work.
A picture of the Analytik Jena Multi N/C Series

Analytik Jena Multi N/C Series

by Analytik Jena US
From surface and wastewater investigations in the environmental sector, to high-purity water in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry—our multi N/C instruments offer you customized solutions for reliable TOC/TNb measurements.
A photo of Advanced Instruments' OsmoTECH® HT Automated Micro-Osmometer

OsmoTECH® HT Automated Micro-Osmometer

by Advanced Instruments
The only plate-based micro-osmometer currently available to support the growing automation and high throughput needs in bioprocessing and cell line development
A photo of the Molecular Devices CloneSelect Imager

CloneSelect Imager FL

by Molecular Devices
Optimize cell line development with the NEW CloneSelect® Imager FL, a next-generation imaging solution that combines high-speed fluorescence and white light imaging with intelligent data analysis for effortless monoclonality assurance.