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Powerful Bio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyzer drug discovery screening

Speed up Screening and Drug Discovery with the Powerful Bio-Rad ZE5 Cell Analyzer

by Bio-Rad Laboratories
Experience a screening instrument without limits. The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is currently the only screening instrument that delivers high-parameter, high-speed, high-resolution, and high event rate analysis in a single package. Combined with automation-ready, walk-away, and clog-resistant technology the ZE5 Cell Analyzer reliably delivers next-generation screening performance
a photo of the elemental machines digital calendar for lab equipment and management

Elemental Calendar

by Elemental Machines
The only lab equipment reservation software built for LabsOps to reserve assets, assign users, and tag protocols for any tool across the lab, all free of charge.
a photo of the ultracentrifuges and microcentrifuges

Eppendorf Ultracentrifuges and Micro-Ultracentrifuges

by Eppendorf
When ultra-speeds are required, the refrigerated Ultracentrifuge CP-NX Series and Micro-Ultracentrifuge CS-NX Series maximize safety and efficiency while providing high-quality sample preparation in a user-friendly design.
qTOWER³ auto

qTOWER³ auto

by Analytik Jena US
Real-time PCR meets automation
The INTEGRA D-ONE single-channel pipetting module


An illustration of the visionize lab suite device management

VisioNize® Lab Suite

by Eppendorf
Visionize® lab suite is a universal cloud-based platform for lab and device management that gives you the ability to monitor your devices from anywhere, receive alarm notifications, and plan upcoming maintenance tasks.
A picture of Bruker's Hyperion II FT-IR and QCL Microscope

Elevating IR Imaging with the Hyperion II FT-IR and QCL Microscope

by Bruker Corporation
The Hyperion II FT-IR and QCL microscope combines ATR, transmission, or reflection, with single element MCT-, FPA-, or laser imaging measurements. Equipped with a focal-plane array (FPA) detector, the Hyperion II takes IR imaging to the next level and provides excellent spatial resolution and peak sensitivity for all analytical tasks.
A picture of the Bio-Rad PCR system.

PCR Plastics and Consumables – Quality Matters

by Bio-Rad Laboratories
Choose from a large selection of high-quality PCR plastics precisely manufactured for optimal fit and cycling performance in thermal cyclers, real-time PCR systems, and ddPCR systems.
A cartoon graphic of all of the services that Xiltrix offers through their laboratory monitoring systems.

XiltriX - The Heartbeat of Your Laboratory

by XiltriX
As a laboratory monitoring service provider for 30+ years, XiltriX North America’s services are tailored to fit each client’s unique lab and business goals. Our team will address all your equipment, environmental, and facility monitoring needs with 24/7 support to ensure the security of your work.
A picture of the Analytik Jena Multi N/C Series

Analytik Jena Multi N/C Series

by Analytik Jena US
From surface and wastewater investigations in the environmental sector, to high-purity water in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry—our multi N/C instruments offer you customized solutions for reliable TOC/TNb measurements.
A photo of Advanced Instruments' OsmoTECH® HT Automated Micro-Osmometer

OsmoTECH® HT Automated Micro-Osmometer

by Advanced Instruments
The only plate-based micro-osmometer currently available to support the growing automation and high throughput needs in bioprocessing and cell line development