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Simple and Accurate Determination of Total Choline in Infant Formulas and Adult Nutritionals

Thermo Fisher Scientific has updated an ion chromatography (IC) method to more easily determine total choline (free and bound forms) in 17 samples representing all forms of infant formula, adult nutritionals, and pediatric formulas (powder, ready-to-feed products, and liquid concentrates).

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Application Update (AU) 193: Choline in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals, a Single Laboratory Validation demonstrates that this simple yet robust approach decreases sample preparation time while accurately determining choline in these products.

The method detailed in AU 193 runs on an IC system that requires only a source of degassed DI water for generation of high-purity eluent, thus simplifying operation while increasing precision and accuracy. Use of a specialized cation-exchange column, the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IonPac™ CS19 column, enables simultaneous determination of choline and other cations present in the samples. Suppressed conductivity detection allows simple and accurate determination of choline with high sensitivity. In addition, microwave-assisted digestion for hydrolysis of the bound choline to free choline significantly decreases sample preparation time.

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