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Search for Better Biofuels Microbes Leads to the Human Gut

by Energy Biosciences Institute
University of Illinois microbiology professor Isaac Cann and his colleagues found bacterial enzymes in the human gut that can rival those of the cow rumen in their ability to break down the plant fiber hemicellulose for biofuels production.

BASF Inaugurates California Research Alliance

Teaming together with major universities on the West Coast, BASF Corporation has set up a multidisciplinary research institute with an emphasis on new inorganic materials and their applications, biosciences, and related technologies.

Novel Biomarker in Saliva Linked to Stress, Resilience

by Arizona State University
Concerned about the effect of stress on your health and well-being? If your answer is “yes,” then Arizona State University professor Doug Granger is doing research that could impact you. Granger is pioneering the field of interdisciplinary salivary bioscience using spit.