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Cancer Researcher Wins Cytation™ 3 in BioTek's "Think Possible" Application Contest!

BioTek congratulates Dr. Jeff Peterson of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Pennsylvania for winning a new Cytation™ 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader in BioTek's "Think Possible" Application Contest. Entrants were judged on a short essay that they submitted, detailing the application that they think is possible for their specific research using the Cytation 3. As an Associate Professor, Dr. Peterson studies chemical biology and kinase signaling in cancer.

How Micro-Volume Quantification Works

Highly concentrated nucleic acid and protein samples must be diluted before they can be read on most absorbance-based spectrophotometers, and conversely, diluted samples must be concentrated to within the spectrophotometer’s dynamic range before reading.

How an Automated Liquid Handling System Works

Popular 96- and 384-well microplate-based applications are often not ideally suited for manual pipetting methods. Although readily available in most laboratories, manual pipette use in these formats is neither efficient nor consistent.

Dangers of Mycoplasma in Cell-Based Assays

While other common types of contamination are usually quickly identified and/or treated, mycoplasma contamination often provides no clear symptoms but can wreak havok on assay results.