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New Startup Axcend Announces the Axcend Focus LC—a Small, Lightweight, Mobile Gradient Liquid Chromatograph Designed to Transform Chemical Analysis

by Axcend
Designed from the ground up as a nano-flow liquid chromatograph, the Axcend Focus LC measures ~30x20x20cm, weighs ~5.4kg (12 lbs.), operates on battery or electrical outlet power, and delivers visual/statistical output to any Web-connected smartphone, tablet or personal computer with 100X greater sensitivity and as little as 1/500th the volumes of solvents and waste

Perspective On: A Mobile Training Lab

by Jen Sprance
Launched in 2006 in part to solidify North Carolina's standing as a national biotech hub, the BioNetwork mobile laboratory is outfitted with life science workstations, specialized equipment, and experienced faculty.