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olive oil

Healthy Oil from Wild Olives

by University of Barcelona
Study represents a first approach to the characterization of wild ivory-white olive trees in Catalonia

Olive Oil More Stable and Healthful than Seed Oils for Frying Food

by American Chemical Society
Frying is one of the world's most popular ways to prepare food — think fried chicken and french fries. Even candy bars and whole turkeys have joined the list. But before dunking your favorite food in a vat of just any old oil, consider using olive.

Olive-Oil Milling Leftovers Scrutinized in New ARS Studies

by Marcia Wood Agricultural Research Service
For every gallon of olive oil that's pressed from the ripe fruit, about 38 pounds of olive skins, pulp and pits are left behind. Known as pomace, these leftovers typically have low-value uses. But U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) agricultural engineer Rebecca R. Milczarek and her colleagues are working with olive growers and olive-oil processors in California—where most of the nation's commercial olives are grown—to find new, environmentally friendly, and profitable uses for pomace.