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The MIRA Infrared (IR) Milk Analyzer

The consistent and cost-effective quality control of milk, whey, and cream is essential to the needs of today’s dairy industry. Using the MIRA pre-calibrated, high precision IR milk analyzer, you will get the high quality and consistent results you need with high performance dependability and repeatability.

by Bruker Corporation
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Your Problem:

You need a milk analyzer that has excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability for the testing of liquid dairy products. You also need an instrument that can be used by laboratory or production personnel that produces results quickly, fits within your budget, and meets strict quality control standards in a cost-effective way. You need an analyzer that is easy to use, has a low cost of ownership, and is easily maintained.

Our Solution:

The MIRA pre-calibrated, high precision IR milk analyzer will analyze important parameters like fat, protein, total solids, and lactose in seconds. Therefore, our customers can quickly carry out required and optimized process adjustments. The MIRA milk analyzer enables the user to carry out reliable quality control. The main benefits are:

  • Ease of operation
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Low cost of ownership
  • User-independent results
  • Automatic cleaning/zeroing

The high-pressure homogenizer ensures evenly homogenized samples for accurate results. Optionally, the MIRA milk analyzer can also determine freezing point depression to detect added water in milk. The intuitive software guides the user through the process. The MIRA milk analyzer automatically analyzes the sample in transmission after the operator selects sample type and enters the sample information.

Product specific, ready-to-use calibrations are easy to adjust and will generate accurate, repeatable results. Moreover, the user can set up dedicated calibrations for customer-specific products.

Bruker has over 25 years of experience in designing solutions for the dairy industry, combined with our high-quality standards. Our systems run hassle-free in companies producing milk and milk products worldwide. With our experience and expertise, our customers can benefit from large cost savings.
Bruker MIRA Infrared (IR) Milk AnalyzerCredit: Bruker