Ask the Expert

The Future of Lab Robotics

by Tanuja Koppal, PhD
Matthew Gombolay, PhD, discusses the hopes and fears of a successful robotic implementation and advises readers on scenarios where such a change will most likely be successful

Recent Developments in Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras

by Tanuja Koppal, PhD
In this Q&A, Craig Crews, PhD, discusses the discovery and development of proteolysis targeting chimeras, a new modality that is being explored for both drug discovery and therapeutic application

Trends in Food Fraud Detection

by MaryBeth DiDonna
Karen Everstine, PhD, MPH, and Jennifer van de Ligt, PhD, discuss the latest tools and techniques used to detect food fraud in this Q&A with lab design editor MaryBeth DiDonna

Laboratory Accreditation 101

by Michelle Dotzert, PhD
In this Q&A, Elizabeth Carbonella of A2LA outlines the process of laboratory accreditation and the associated benefits

Trends in Informatics

by Mike May, PhD
In this Q&A, CEO Yali Friedman discusses his extensive interest in information and how to collect and analyze data

THC Testing in Cannabis and Hemp

by Michelle Dotzert, PhD
Scientific technology editor Michelle Dotzert speaks with Ellen Parkin, quality assurance officer at Juniper Analytics, LLC