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RURO's FreezerPro®

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a method of determining the identity of an item using radio  frequency communication. RURO’s FreezerPro® RFID edition software creates a unique ID number for each laboratory vial (or box, or freezer) and associates the number with sample information and location. 

FreezerPro Features and Benefits

Today’s researchers demand precision and efficiency in their laboratories. Accounting for hundreds, thousands and even millions of samples is a task that requires a software system that will manage the volume while handling the complexities of your inventory intuitively.

Freezerpro - Intuitive Sample Management

At RURO, we strive to develop software that combines user-friendly, web-based interfaces with documentation tools suited to even the most complex scientific information and processes.

Sciency® ELN – A Step Closer to a Paperless Laboratory

In a modern society, various means of electronic communications have become a norm of everyday life. In recent years, numerous laboratories in academia and industry have started to adopt Electronic Laboratory Notebook(ELN) software.