Cover Story |  Volume 15 - Issue 7  |  August 2020

2021 Product Resource Guide

Your go-to source for technology trends and analysis, product offerings, and manufacturer listings


Purchasing Guides

Cold Storage Buyer's Guide: 2021

The right equipment will have enough space for your samples while providing you with peace of mind

Gas Generators & Specialty Gases Buyer's Guide: 2021

Replacing your gas cylinder with a gas generator can lead to decreases in cost and increases in convenience

Informatics Buyer's Guide: 2021

Many companies offer easy-to-use out-of-the-box solutions in addition to custom software, so you have the exact capabilities you need

Microscopy Buyer's Guide: 2021

Questions to ask when buying either an optical or SEM microscope for your laboratory

Laboratory Vacuum Pump Buyer's Guide: 2021

There are many different types of vacuum pumps to choose from, including rotary vane, dry diaphragm, hybrid, dry scroll, and turbomolecular pumps

White Papers and Application Notes

Optimize Your Lab’s Productivity and Capacity

Optimize Your Lab’s Productivity and Capacity

The Lanexo™ inventory, safety, and compliance management system

Products in Action

Cannabis Analytical Testing

JEOL TQ4000GC—pesticide and environmental contaminants GC-MS/MS testing

Take Fast, Nondestructive 3D Measurements with Laser Confocal Microscopy

Top five ways the Olympus LEXT™ OLS5000 laser confocal microscope provides fast, reliable inspection data

Drummond XP Portable PIPET-AID®

Comfort and quality in one user-friendly device

OHAUS Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers

Durable hot plate stirrers with superior safety features and intelligent performance

ELGA® Purelab® Quest

The only 3-in-1 lab water purification system available today