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Cover Story |  Volume 19 - Issue 2  |  March 2024

Elevating Lab Performance with Quality by Design

QBD centers around ongoing risk assessments of pharma process


Product Focus

Scientist takes a sample out of a lab freezer

Taking a Sustainable Approach to Cold Storage

Laboratory fridges and freezers can be some of your lab's most energy-intensive equipment, but there are many ways to make your cold storage more eco-friendly

Scientist puts a tube into a fixed-angle centrifuge rotor

Why Scientists Need Centrifuges

From benchtop models to commercial units, this equipment is crucial in many labs

Asset Management

Scientist works at a computer

Building Resilience: A Short Guide to Implementing a Robust Bioinformatics Platform

How to ensure success when developing a reliable and scalable biological data environment


A bin full of plastic pipettes

Recycling Lab Plastics: Success Stories

Start-ups and local programs are overcoming the barriers currently limiting large-scale recycling of plastic waste generated by labs

Lab Health and Safety

Scientist pours solution into a beaker

Control Banding as a Risk Assessing Tool

Hazard, exposure, and control banding are essential lab safety and risk tools

Leadership and Staffing

Illustration of an aerial view of a forest with a target in the trees

How Equipment Vendors Can Help Address the Carbon Impact of Biotech and Pharma

Stepping up the efficiency of product development, manufacturing, and support services

Lab Design and Furnishings

A glass-walled laboratory next to a hallway

Accommodating Automation Technologies in an Existing Lab

Implementing automation requires collaboration and thoughtful planning

Business Management

Scientists takes sample out of a ULT freezer

How to Find a High-Quality Biobank

Follow these steps to protect sample integrity during biobanking

Scientists work in a CDMO pharma lab

CDMOs: The Modern Backbone of Biopharmaceutical Development

Contract development and manufacturing organizations can help streamline drug development

Pharmaceutical tablets and vials sitting on a counter

Elevating Lab Performance with Quality by Design

QbD centers around ongoing risk assessments of pharma processes

Management Tips

Two colleagues have a candid discussion

Three Keys to Introducing Candor into Lab Conversations

Approaching feedback with candor greatly increases morale and engagement