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Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 5  |  June 2022

Embracing Safety Leadership

Eight values to be an effective safety leader


Management Tips

Two scientists discuss paper on clipboard one scientist is holding

Three Keys to Improve Safety with Inspections

The effort of conducting safety inspections reinforces the message that safety is a high priority for everyone in the lab

Lab Health and Safety

Modern scientists working in lab

Embracing Safety Leadership

Eight values to be an effective safety leader

Scientists stand in a circle and talk

Risk-Based Programs, Tools, and Techniques

Are you aware of the various risk-assessing methods to keep your lab safe?

Labs Less Ordinary

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Safety Testing Lab Evaluates Strength of Buildings and Construction Materials

Intertek York safety testing lab focuses on strength and durability of buildings and construction materials

Business Management

Two scientists examine samples under microscopes

Optimizing EHS Performance in Your Lab

EHS management focuses on four core aspects of the lab environment

Scientist measuring pH of a sample with pH meter

The Importance of Laboratory Quality and How to Achieve It

Tips and tools to ensure quality standards are met in the lab

Asset Management

Scientists adjusts a mass spectrometer

Three Ways to Address Safety Risks from Aging Analytical Equipment

When it comes to safety, it’s better to be proactive than reactive

Leadership and Staffing

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A Practical Approach to Understanding and Addressing Poor Performance

Everyone on the lab staff needs to contribute their highest-level work

Lab Design and Furnishings

Man works at a lab bench in front of a row of windows

Improved Ergonomics through Smart Interior Design

Invest in a comfortable lab space that promotes worker health and satisfaction


Photo of various pills and tablets

How to Test for New Psychoactive Substances

Detecting and quantifying NPS is a complex process for forensic toxicology labs

Ask the Expert

Microscope image of skin cells

Leveraging AI to Enhance Super-Resolution Confocal Microscopy

How a team of researchers successfully used artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their confocal imaging

Product Focus

Scientist pours yellow liquid into a test tube

What to Consider When Purchasing Different Grades of Chemicals

Not all chemicals and reagents are created equal, and knowing which grade is right for your needs can make a big difference in terms of quality, safety, and cost

Female scientist uses a pipette under a fume hood

Comparing Ductless vs Ducted Fume Hoods

Fume hood design has come a long way over the past few decades and there are several different types to choose from

Scientist opens laboratory fume hood

The User’s Impact on Fume Hood Performance

A cause of fume hood failure that is often overlooked is the user’s own work practices

Titrator sitting on a lab bench.

Titrators:  Finding the Right Platform for the Job

For today’s scientists, many titration options are commercially available

Innovations In

Female scientist pulls on a disposable glove

Innovations in Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 led researchers to get creative in solving problems with respirators and other PPE