Cover Story |  Volume 15 - Issue 5  |  June 2020

Embracing the Lab of the Future...Today

New technologies help lab managers optimize efficiency and outcomes


Laboratory Technology

Embracing the Lab of the Future—Today

New technologies help lab managers optimize efficiency and outcomes

Labs Less Ordinary

Studying the Superior Cognition of 'Esports' Athletes

Lero's Esports Science Research Lab is one of the only laboratories in the world dedicated to studying the performance of esports athletes

In Focus

Neutralizing Electrostatic Charges for Accurate Weighing

Balances with integrated charge neutralizing technology ensure accurate, repeatable analytical weighing

Optimizing Automated Processes and Workflows

Optimizing Automated Processes and Workflows

Achieve new levels of automation performance with intelligent, intuitive software

Keep Your Samples Safe Along the Path to New Discoveries

Keep Your Samples Safe Along the Path to New Discoveries

A robust sample management system preserves sample and data integrity and enhances traceability

Business Management

Making Your Virtual Collaboration a Success

Factors to consider when launching your long-distance project

Laboratory Consolidation: Making the Most of a New Space

How to maximize budgets and space during renovation or construction

Leadership and Staffing

Networking: Good for Business, Good for Science

In the age of social media, in-person communication still has value


Pandemics Throughout History

The pathogens that shaped the course of history 

Beverage Profiling with HPLC and UHPLC

Ensuring product quality, safety, and authenticity

Linda's Lab: Social Media for Scientists

In this month's comic, Linda shares her tips for communicating science and networking with fellow scientists via social media

Lab Design and Furnishings

Principles of Compact Lab Design

Strategies for selecting equipment and furniture for an efficient lab facility

Flexible Design Spurs Advancements in Drug Development

Lilly Innovation Development Center takes home Excellence in Innovation Award

Lab Health and Safety

Allergies in the Workplace

Preventing and controlling animal allergens

Quick Tips from Linda: Evaluating Your Lab Safety Program

A time of crisis such as this offers an opportunity for lab leaders to re-evaluate their safety program, and identify areas of improvement


Brain in a Dish Creates New Possibilities for Neuroscience Research

While not quite miniature human brains, organoids enable scientists to study the developing brain

Ask the Expert

Trends in Informatics

In this Q&A, CEO Yali Friedman discusses his extensive interest in information and how to collect and analyze data

Product Focus

Laboratory Casework: The Advantages of Mobile Workspaces

Laboratories can adapt easier to evolving objectives and instrumentation with mobile workspaces

Picking the Right Vacuum Pump for Today and Tomorrow

There are many options for scientists requiring a vacuum for their applications, and it’s a more complicated process to pick the best vacuum pump for a lab

The Third Wave of Next-Generation Sequencing

The future of both broad genomic coverage and small-scale enrichment may lie in a third generation of sequencing

Robotic Workstations Reduce Human Error in the Laboratory

The unseen workhorses of laboratory robotics help to reduce human error and increase reproducibility