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Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 4  |  May 2022

Genomics Brings Precision to Medicine

Genetic sequencing identifies overlooked approaches to therapy and treatment


Product Focus

Lab technician places a blood vial into a centrifuge.

The Role of Centrifuges in Biotech Research

Centrifuges play an important role in progressing biotech research

Two scientists work at a computer

An Action Plan for Choosing a Chromatography Data System

The best chromatography data systems satisfy both laboratory and information demands across networks of instruments and users

Lab technician places samples into an ultra-low temperature freezer.

Cold Storage in the Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Adherence to vaccine cold-chain guidelines can be extended to storage of the entire developing biologic pharmacopeia

Laboratory technician carries a box of consumables.

Maintaining Supplies of Lab Consumables

During the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains lagged for some lab consumables, but careful planning helped resolve issues

Leadership and Staffing

A blue tinted image of a magnifying glass lying on top of several sheets of a printout of resume documents. All information on the resume is fake.

Recruitment: Searching for the Right Skills

The best candidate will offer much more than just technical excellence

A small group of female scientists stand in the lab and discuss the scientific experiment. stock photo

Three Keys to Transition Back to the Lab

Lab managers need to provide work environments that enable people to re-incorporate into full in-person lab work


3d illustration DNA molecules

Genomics Brings Precision to Medicine

Genetic sequencing identifies overlooked approaches to therapy and treatment

Macro shot of green leaves

Characterizing Biofilms for Microbiological Applications with X-Ray Methods

Multiscale X-ray study reveals interesting properties of biofilms

Labs Less Ordinary

A closeup of the top of a building on the Duke University School of Medicine–RTP Campus

Research Lab Shifts Focus, Moves to New Lab Space During Pandemic

Managers and staff from Duke University’ Moody Lab learned many lessons from starting a COVID-19 testing program and relocating during the COVID-19 pandemic

Business Management

Creating idea stock illustration of scientists in a lab around a giant light bulb

The Role of Academic Core Labs in Life Science Research

Academic core labs provide an economical way to access specialized equipment, training, and impartial data analysis

Asset Management

Scientist in a white lab coat putting vial with a sample into autosampler of HPLC system

Tips to Validate Lab Instruments Faster

How to speed up the necessary but time-consuming task of instrument validation

Lab Design and Furnishings

Team of architects working on construction drawing. Business people working together on blueprint in office.

Collaborative Lab Design

Getting consensus from all stakeholders early ensures a design that maximizes productivity  

Lab Health and Safety

Scientist working in a biosafety cabinet

Biosafety in the Workplace: 4 Essential Practices

Best biosafety practices reduce health risks, increase the integrity of experimental material, and improve product quality

Ask the Expert

Abstract data wire-frame graph model.

Ensuring Compliance in Pharma, Biotech Labs

The most common compliance issues and how to avoid them

Innovations In

Digital illustration of the brain

Innovations in AI for Drug Discovery

AI and other computational abilities play a major role to advance pharmaceutical research