Business Management

What Does the 2-For-1 Rule Mean for U.S. Labs?

Current government moves to scrap two existing federal regulations for every new addition have received considerable attention in business circles, and undoubtedly from the management of laboratory operations.

A Multilevel Approach to Protecting Against Cybersecurity Breaches

Computer security breaches happen; it’s a fact of life, and just another cost of doing business these days.

Research-Specific Labs

How Toronto's WinterLab is Helping Improve Winter Mobility

Preventing slips and falls in winter conditions is this lab’s main mission  

Leadership and Staffing

Effectively Communicating With Your Staff

Managers must find the right methods to connect with and transfer information to their staff

Laboratory Technology

How Robust Instruments and Workflows Can Optimize Lab Tests and Processes

Manufacturers of analytical instruments often use robustness as a selling point, but what do they really mean when they say their hardware is robust?

March 2017 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Cell Culture in Tight Quarters

New CO2 incubator features unique space-saving design

Lab Health and Safety

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Basics

Liquid nitrogen is used in many laboratory operations, especially in medical, health care, and related facilities.


Clinical Applications of Omics: The Latest Challenges

Disease and drug response testing from the bottom up

Forensics Applications for Next-Generation Sequencing

DNA sequencing keeps getting faster and covering more bases, and today’s fastest approach is  massively parallel sequencing (MPS)—also known as next-generation sequencing.

Ask the Expert

Patricia Granados on Gas Chromatography Troubleshooting

Mrs. Patricia Granados is the research instrument technician at the Centre for Environmental Analysis and Remediation (CEAR) at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bogdan Budnik on Trends in Mass-Spectrometry-Driven Proteomics

Bogdan Budnik, PhD, is director of proteomics at the Harvard University Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Resource Laboratory

Product Focus

Tandem Power from Gas Chromatography

GCxGC provides higher sensitivity and added applications

The Latest in Live Cell Imaging

Probing nature’s building blocks

Advances in Temperature Measurement for Microwave Digestion

Simpler, more accurate solutions to heat sensing


2017 HPLC Survey Results

Find out our readers’ most common HPLC applications and more from our latest survey results.

2017 Automated Liquid Handling Survey Results

Learn readers’ liquid handling purchasing plans and more from our latest survey results.

2017 Glove Box Survey Results

Glove boxes go by many different names and are used for many purposes. However, their essential attribute is the ability to maintain a completely separate environment from ambient.

2017 Glassware Washer Survey Results

Whether to employ central washing stations or point-of-use washers located under a lab bench or in a  corner is something that has to be addressed with regards to laboratory glassware washers.

How it Works

How Column-Free Fluorescent Antibody Labeling Kits Work

Companies are introducing column-free antibody labeling kits that can be used in place of traditional, labor-intensive column-based methods

How siRNA Knockdown Antibody Validation Works

With so many irreproducible results using antibodies across science, it is crucial to validate antibodies to ensure that they work for the lab’s application