Cover Story |  Volume 14 - Issue 11  |  December 2019

Lab of the Future

Streamlining workflows with smart technology


Laboratory Technology

Lab of the Future

Streamlining workflows with smart technology

Research-Specific Labs

Cutting-Edge Technologies to Accelerate Plant Research

The Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is incorporating machine learning and automation to break new ground in the field of plant science


Next Level Forensic Investigations

Learn more about next-generation sequencing through this carefully crafted crime scene

Linda's Lab: Equipment Maintenance

Linda shares how to stay on top of equipment maintenance in the lab

Business Management

Lab Equipment Maintenance

Be prepared for the unknown with preventive care

Breathing New Life into Old Lab Equipment

Nearly every piece of equipment has the potential to be recycled, with some help from the experts

Leadership and Staffing

Continuing Education in the Laboratory

The most successful teams never stop learning

Lab Design and Furnishings

Automation and Robotics in Laboratory Design

How technology affects the future of data analysis

Lab Health and Safety

Ergonomics in the Lab

What you need to know about repetitive motion


Preventing Cell Culture Contamination

Contamination has serious consequences, and prevention is essential for successful outcomes

Ask the Expert

Innovations in Next-Gen Sequencing

Richie Kohman, PhD, discusses in situ RNA sequencing and its emerging applications

Editor's Buzz

Lab Manager’s Holiday Gift Guide

Ten STEM-themed gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season

Product Focus

Automated Liquid Handlers for Chemical Screening

Outputs for liquid handlers cover a broad range of categories, including chemical library deposition, stepwise qPCR setup, and biochemical or cellular biology-based screening

Automation for Gas Chromatography Sample Prep

For labs that run more GC and at higher throughputs, taking the time to automate sample preparation can be crucial, and may be achieved with various methods

Preparative Ion Chromatography

Over the last 30 years, the purification of therapeutic molecules, especially proteins at manufacturing scale, has driven many of the advances in preparative chromatography

Microplate Technology Options for Organoids

Picking the best microplate for growing organoids often includes some personal preference

How it Works

Protect Fragile 3D Spheroids and Non-/Loosely-Adherent Cells During Automated Media Exchange

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Quick Tips from Linda: Preparing for the Worst

Do you have a plan in place to protect your precious equipment, samples, and other lab assets if a flood or other natural disaster hits your facility?

Products in Action

Olympus NoviSight™ 3D Cell Analysis Software

Olympus NoviSight™ 3D Cell Analysis Software

Olympus NoviSight™ 3D cell analysis software provides fast, accurate statistical data on spheroids and other 3D models