Cover Story |  Volume 16 - Issue 1  |  January/February 2021

Leading Through Uncertainty

How leaders can guide their staff through unexpected challenges



Proteomics in Neuroscience

Exploring the central nervous system with mass spectrometry-based proteomics 

Management Tips

Using Risk Management to Improve Lab Safety Programs

One way to improve a safety culture is to add risk-based protocols to the compliance safety culture

Leadership and Staffing

How Leaders Can Guide Their Staff through Unexpected Challenges

There are a number of things we can do and behaviors we can exhibit to reduce the impact of uncertainty on us, our people, and our labs

The Dual Role of Manager and Mentor

The most successful leaders will make the effort to invest in their staff’s personal and professional growth

Labs Less Ordinary

The Latest from the Lab That Taught Rats to Drive

Teaching rats to drive, bringing nature to the lab, and bringing the lab to nature in order to advance neuroscience research

Business Management

Prioritizing Resources in the Lab

How to build a workflow strategy around the needs and capabilities of your lab staff

Disaster Planning: Is Your Lab Ready?

What’s at risk, and how to plan for disaster events

Lab Design and Furnishings

Prioritizing Staff Input in the Lab Design Process

Well-defined project team roles are crucial when planning a lab facility

Lab Health and Safety

Pandemic Burnout: How to Cope

Ten self-care strategies to stay sane in unprecedented times

Health and Safety Compliance for the Research Laboratory

Adhere to OSHA standards and train your “safety eyes” to ensure a safe working environment

How it Works

The Gas Management Problem

The Gas Management Problem

Gas generator technology for lab instrumentation 


Human-Based Platforms in Biomedical Research

Exploring alternatives to animal research to understand biological processes in human health and disease

Ask the Expert

Interpreting Forensic Evidence with Statistics

Building statistical resources to support forensic examiners

Product Focus

Antibody Generation and Validation

Conjugated antibodies for flow cytometry is an essential tool that requires validation

Top Features of Moisture Analyzers

Assessing an analyzer's features, including halogen and infrared drying

Magnetic Stirrers versus Overhead Stirrers

Comparing the pros and cons of different stirrer models

The Benefits of Automatic Titrators

Automation and modularity improve throughput and accuracy in laboratory and industrial titration