Single-Cell Metabolomics

Single-Cell Metabolomics

Insights into phenotypic heterogeneity

Products in Action



Portable, precise, and affordable pipetting of 96- and 384-well plates

OHAUS Incubating Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker

OHAUS Incubating Heavy Duty Orbital Shaker

A space-saving design with exceptional temperature uniformity and speed control makes the incubating orbital shaker suitable for a variety of shaking and incubating applications

Leadership and Staffing

Three Keys to Improve Lab Culture

The culture should represent what values are most important to the lab

Personal Development Strategies for Leaders

How lab managers can determine, “what’s next?”

How Labs Can Compete For, and Win, Top Talent

The influence of unique offerings that make your lab an attractive place to work

Labs Less Ordinary

“Cleanest Air in Europe” Contributes to Climate Change Research

The Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station in Ireland is at the forefront of climate change research

Business Management

Improving Your Ability to Communicate

How transparent communication improves teamwork around the lab

Purchasing Pre-Owned Instruments for Life Science Research

Increased demand creates new opportunities for pre-owned equipment, but buyers need to consider price and reliability

Lab Design and Furnishings

How to Become a Lab Planner

Different educational, career paths can lead to the same goal

Lab Health and Safety

How to Support Employee Mental Health

Psychosocial health factors in the workplace have a significant impact on job satisfaction, engagement, and well-being of staff


Paleoproteomics Offers a Look into the Deep Past

Proteomics techniques are opening up new possibilities for archaeological applications

Ask the Expert

Why PFAS Chemicals Are So Difficult to Remediate

In this Q&A, Konstantinos Kostarelos, PhD, discusses new insights he's gained through his team's recent research on PFAS in firefighting foam

Product Focus

Automated Liquid Handling: Keeping Antibody Engineering Consistent

When engineering a mAb for research or therapeutic applications, many steps require precise liquid handling

Characterizing RNA Molecules with FTIR

Although vibrational spectroscopy has long been used in structural analysis of DNA, the field has only recently expanded to address ribonucleic acid

GC-MS: A Powerful Technique for Hydrocarbon Analysis

How gas chromatography-mass spectrometry works and features to consider for petrochemical applications

SLIM Technology Set to Boost Biological Compound Analysis

Coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry, SLIM technology is poised to revolutionize the way we analyze biological and chemical compounds