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Cover Story |  Volume 19 - Issue 1  |  January/February 2024

Setting Your Lab Up for Success

A three-step strategy to boost your lab's performance and exceed goals


Asset Management

Man traces the upward trend of a bar chart with his finger

Defining 'Performance' in Asset Performance Management

An APM strategy can offer a more advanced, holistic approach to efficient asset usage

Data flowing into a cloud

What Lab Managers Should Know about Data Backups

A hybrid backup solution could be one of the best investments for a lab

Business Management

Abstract concept showing gears making up an arrow illustrating positive growth

Setting Your Lab Up for Success

A three-step strategy to boost your lab’s performance and reach goals

Man pushing gears representing business concepts

Improving Processes and Inefficiencies in R&D Labs

How to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the lab

Scientist pipettes into a microplate

How to Choose the Right Contract Labs for Cell Manufacturing

An experienced contract partner is key for timely product delivery

Female scientist analyzes data on a tablet

The Relationship between Data Integrity and Security

Data integrity and security have a dynamic that can uphold product quality and protect privacy

Leadership and Staffing

Vector image of 5 individuals holding puzzle pieces over their heads and fitting them together to form a forward arrow

Embracing the New Era of Leadership

To thrive in today's workplace, laboratory leaders must cultivate a growth mindset and subscribe to continuous learning

Lab Design and Furnishings

J. Mehsen Public Health Laboratory ground floor space

The Role of Architects in Modern Research Spaces

As research advances, lab design teams need to adapt to the evolving needs of scientific organizations

Lab Health and Safety

Broken beaker on a floor

What Can We Learn from Near Misses?

Close calls can provide excellent learning opportunities for individuals and organizations

Ask the Expert

Scientists collect samples near a river

Modern-Day Challenges for Environmental Toxicology Labs

How environmental toxicologists navigate emerging toxicology issues

Product Focus

Maple syrup on a spoon

Ensuring Food Quality with FTIR

This form of spectroscopy reveals the components in food and their sources

Scientist using an analytical instrument

High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Instruments and Technology

The upper range of MS resolving power comes ever closer to real-world laboratory budgets