Cover Story |  Volume 13 - Issue 3  |  April 2018

Sustainability & Energy

The environmental impact of labs is nothing short of significant


Business Management

A More Holistic Approach to Laboratory Resource Reduction

The environmental impact of labs is nothing short of significant

How Labware Choices Impact a Lab's Environmental Footprint

Incorporating sustainability goals into laboratory processes is key to ensuring compliance with relevant organization-wide strategies

Used Equipment: A Boon to Start-Up Labs

Start-up labs can stretch their dollars further by buying used

Research-Specific Labs

UA’s Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research Helps Decipher Earth’s “Archives”

The Earth has had “libraries” for far longer than humans have been around

Leadership and Staffing

Essential Communication Tools for Managing Far-Flung Teams

As leaders, we can show employees at distant sites that we care about them, their work, and how they fit into the broader team

Laboratory Technology

Intelligent Ventilation for the Laboratory

Demand control technology enables creation of energy-efficient "smart labs"


Choosing an Automated Liquid Handler

Top tips to make selecting an automated liquid handling solution easy

Working Safely with Small Animals

Remember safe handling and hygiene procedures when working with small animals

Linda's Lab: Defrosting Day

Linda shows Lenny the importance of defrosting your lab freezers

Lab Health and Safety

The Latest Guidelines for Preventing Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

Recent development of resistant pathogens have major implications, primarily for the health care delivery sector


Tomorrow’s Genome Editing

Reagents and methods improve, but therapy is years away

Ask the Expert

Challenges and Trends in GC Headspace Analysis

Gary A. Reineccius, PhD, and Vadoud Niri, PhD, discuss current trends and challenges in GC headspace analysis

Innovations in Clinical Diagnostics

Brian Nahed, MD, talks to contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, PhD, about the need to develop techniques to detect and monitor disease progression

Product Focus

Adding Automation to Titration

Turning a tedious process into a highly accurate and efficient one

Working with Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Safety, ergonomics, and more must be considered

Lab Evaporators: Recycling Solvents

Turn your lab's liquid waste into gold

Features to Consider When Buying a Laboratory Water Bath

From construction material to accessories, numerous options are available


Here's What Other Managers Had to Say About Their TOC Analyzers

Learn the most common types used and more from the latest TOC survey results

Eight Questions to Ask When Purchasing a CO2 Incubator

Learn readers’ purchasing plans and more from our latest CO2 incubator survey results

How Laboratory Shakers Are Being Used and What To Look For When Buying

Learn how often our readers use their shakers in their labs and more from our latest results

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Water Purification System

Find out the most sought-after features and more from the latest water purification survey results

How it Works

How a Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator Works

As many chemists turn to greener options in the lab, they face the challenge of properly evaluating the “greenness” of a chemical or process

Lab Design and Furnishings

Ask Linda: Managing a Lab Redesign

Work closely with contractors to make sure that the needs of the lab are kept at the forefront of the project