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Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 2  |  March 2022

The Integrated Lab

Lab connectivity powers data-driven discovery


Leadership and Staffing

Group of people talking around the conference table.

Three Keys to Improve Listening Skills

Improved listening will lead to more satisfied lab staff, higher engagement, and greater success for the lab

Shot of two young scientists conducting medical research in a laboratory.

The Benefits of Cross-Training in the Lab

Tips to prioritize and implement an effective cross-training plan

A closeup of a woman looking at the Lab Manager Academy "Lab Leadership Basics" course on her laptop.

The Importance of Leadership Training and Development

Lab managers of any experience level can benefit from additional learning

Business Management

Woman using a holographic interface to show a digital transformation concept..

The Power of the Integrated Lab

Lab connectivity powers data-driven discovery

Two young researchers carrying out experiments in a lab.

Replicating and Validating Lab Results

Best practices for analytical method validation

Labs Less Ordinary

Automated equipment modules in an automated research center.

This Lab Allows Scientists to Conduct Experiments Remotely at Any Time

Highly-automated research facility enables scientists to conduct experiments remotely at any time

Asset Management

An abstract image of a globe made of light in orange blue and magenta to show the concept of software integration.

How to Integrate Laboratory Software Tools

Proper planning, thorough training, and strong collaboration ensure a smooth integration process

Lab Design and Furnishings

Female architect working on a computer in the office.

Using Digital Delivery to Streamline Lab Design and Construction

Improving the efficiency of building information modeling

Lab Health and Safety

Lab professional with neck pain due to ergonomic injury

Ergonomic Risk Factors in the Lab

Preventing ergonomic injury begins with proper training and understanding five common risk factors

Ask the Expert

An abstract image of hexagons surrounded by green lines of energy on a black background to represent energy storage.

The Future of Energy Storage

In this Q&A, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research director George Crabtree discusses the latest developments in energy storage with managing editor Lauren Everett

Product Focus

A young, Black scientist using a laptop in the laboratory.

Can an ELN Be Used as a LIMS?

Whether an ELN or LIMS is the best solution for you depends on the type of lab you run and what it needs

Closeup of someone using their phone with an overlay of white graphics depicting bar and circle graphs.

The Benefits of Lab Monitoring Systems for Quality and Compliance

There are a variety of product offerings available for these systems, each providing a range of benefits

A closeup of someone putting glassware into a laboratory oven.

How to Safely Work with Chemicals in a Laboratory Oven

Laboratory ovens and their components can pose risks such as fire, explosion, and burn hazards

Close up shot of oil pouring out of yellow barrel.

Moisture Analyzer Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

There is huge incentive for companies to analyze moisture content in their oil and gas materials accurately and precisely

Innovations In

An image of white and red chemical formulas on a black background.

Innovations in Analytical Chemistry Technology

Recent product and technology launches aim to solve critical challenges in the biopharma space