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Leadership and Staffing

A young woman shakes hands with her colleague in an office.

Three Keys to Improve Accountability in the Lab

One effective way to improve accountability in the lab is to share ownership

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Managing Lab Employee Performance

Setting staff up for success begins with clear, achievable goals

Business Management

An illustration of Earth in two tones of green with various sustainability-related icons around it.

Sustainable Science: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

As the environmental impact of laboratories becomes clearer, scientists are increasingly asking, why? 

Marketing design concept with laptop, loudspeaker, and other elements

Marketing Your Lab’s Services

The fundamentals of promoting your lab’s skills and expertise

Labs Less Ordinary

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This Lab Explores Innovative Methods to Save Energy

The University of California Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency is dedicated to supporting an energy-efficient and sustainable future

How it Works

The OsmoTECH XT support 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, and Pharmacopeia compliance

Transforming Osmolality Testing in Quality Control

Ensure regulatory compliance with accurate and consistent measurements of a variety of samples

Asset Management

Woman holding a paper sheet with recycle symbol over green forest nature background. Ecology and greening concept.

Reducing Waste in the Lab

Quick tips to minimize the environmental impact of lab experiments

Lab Design and Furnishings

Exterior view of the Center for Novel Therapeutics, on the campus of the University of California, San Diego

LEED and WELL Considerations in Lab Design

Early identification of LEED or WELL goals creates a clear path forward

Lab Health and Safety

Man in protective suit pushing red disposal container for Infectious waste.

Hazardous Waste Management in the Laboratory

Seven tips for safe and effective waste management


Dropper and DNA Helix structure inside Liquid Bubble, Science and technology Background

Challenges of Microscopic Samples in Solution

How to maintain sample integrity when the scale of the experiment is significantly reduced

Ask the Expert

A graph in orange and green, representing analysis.

How to Optimize Separations Performance in Demanding Applications

Jim Karafilidis, principal product marketing manager at Waters Corporation, discusses the latest advancements in UPLC in this Q&A

Product Focus

closeup of pipetting SARS_CoV-2 samples to a plate using a multichannel pipette

The Benefits of Automated Liquid Handling for Microscale Samples

Automating sample handling can fill a growing need for applications like DNA sequencing, protein expression, biological assays, and more

monochrome abstract frosty pattern ice background texture

Best Practices for Maintaining Laboratory Freeze Dryers

For freeze dryers, before considering maintenance schedules, one should assess the full range of products that will be freeze-dried

Researcher Preparing Samples in Glove Box for Measuring Transient Photocurrent in Organic Semiconductors.

A Short Guide to Glove Boxes

The versatility of the glove box is underlined by a wide array of options and controls to gauge access, volume, temperature, and atmosphere

A closeup of a female chemist at work in laboratory, pipetting samples into vials

The Importance of Microwave Digestion for Trace Metal Analysis

When devising a microwave digestion method, there are several factors to consider, both from a practical and safety standpoint

Innovations In

Fluorescent microscope, side view stock photo

Innovations in Microscopy

Recent advancements reduce or eliminate damage to sensitive samples, simplify setup, and greatly enhance speed and image quality