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Cover Story |  Volume 16 - Issue 11  |  December 2021

Trends in Lab Automation

Life science labs embrace AI and cloud computing


Business Management

A black sheet of paper with "Prioritization of Task" and "Urgent," and "Urgency" written on it in white marker.

Three Keys to More Effective Prioritization in the Lab

Being able to prioritize effectively leads to happier stakeholders, more satisfied staff, and higher lab performance

A human face shown in profile. The person is resting their hand on their chin and is wearing eyeglasses. There is an overlay of computer code and chemical molecules to illustrate laboratory automation.

Trends in Lab Automation

Life science labs embrace AI and cloud computing

An illustration of a laptop displaying bar graphs with a variety of clock, calculator, and gear icons around the laptop to show the concept of lean management.

Lean Management Strategies to Improve Lab Productivity

How to measure your lab’s performance and optimize processes

Labs Less Ordinary

A dark grey acoustic anechoic chamber with a turbine mounted on a red tower structure in the center of the room.

This Laboratory Perfects Drones in an Ultra-Quiet Room

The Raspet Flight Research Laboratory is the leading academic research center in the US dedicated entirely to the advancement of UAS

Asset Management

A man and woman stand in a warehouse looking at something on a tablet that the woman is holding. The man is also holding a large cardboard box.

Leveraging Technology in Inventory Management

Exploring software solutions can yield significant benefits for your lab

Leadership and Staffing

A man in a business suit stands in a white maze in this illustration, showing the concept of making difficult decisions.

How to Make Difficult Decisions for the Laboratory

Five stages to improve the decision-making process

Lab Design and Furnishings

The interior of the Ford Motor Company Robotics Building at the University of Michigan.

Robotics Research Aims to Close Societal Gaps

U-M facility strives to create more equitable robotics, advanced mobility devices

Lab Health and Safety

The green-gloved hands of a lab worker hold two beakers (one with red liquid and one with yellow liquid) on a lab bench with broken glass nearby.

Looking Beyond Training for Accident Prevention in the Lab

Training is most effective before an incident occurs


Batteries with black, grey, and orange components.

Battery Technologies to Power Our Future

Batteries with large-scale power storing capacity will transform the energy market

Ask the Expert

Hands typing on a keyboard with blue bar graphs and pie charts over top to illustrate the concept of big data.

Managing Big Data

In this Q&A, Will Tashman, co-founder and chief revenue officer at Uncountable, discusses the benefits of taking a structured approach to data management

Product Focus

Rethinking Fluorescence Microscopy

Rethinking Fluorescence Microscopy

The light source of a fluorescence microscope often goes unnoticed, but LED illumination offers a win-win for sustainability and performance

Pipette tips draw pink fluid from a clear microplate.

Manual or Automated? Choosing the Best Method of Pipetting

We explore the pros and cons of manual and automated pipetting and explain how to decide which is most suitable for your lab

A crouching person shown from the midriff down takes water samples from white PVC pipes coming out of the ground. The person is wearing blue disposable gloves and a yellow safety vest. A red bin for the water samples sits nearby.

Adaptability in Sampling and Ultrasensitive Environmental Detection

With PFAS “forever chemicals” everywhere, sampling techniques must be neutral and adaptable to avoid contamination 

The pipette tips of an automatic liquid handler put samples into a black tray of tubes in a robotic lab workstation.

Assays and Automation in Robotic Workstations

These technologies improve a lab’s output and save on priceless resources

Innovations In

The pipette tips of an automated liquid handler with four blue sample trays in the background.

Innovations in Lab Automation: The Lilly L2S2

Remote-controlled lab part of an exciting emerging trend in the life sciences