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Exposing Modern Forgers

by ETH Zurich
Researchers have developed a process that can provide conclusive evidence with regard to modern fakes of paintings

First Scientific Method to Authenticate World’s Costliest Coffee

The world’s most expensive coffee can cost $80 a cup, and scientists now are reporting development of the first way to verify authenticity of this crème de la crème, the beans of which come from the feces of a Southeast Asian animal called a palm civet.

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella or Buffaloed Consumers? New Test can Provide the Answer

by Other Author
Those tiny balls of boutique mozzarella cheese with the sticker-shock price tag beckoning from the dairy case — are they the real deal, mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, crafted from the milk of water buffaloes? Or are they really cheap fakes made from cow’s milk? A new test can help consumers make sure.