Trends in High-Content Screening

by Tanuja Koppal

Dr. Donald Sakaguchi, professor of genetics, development and cell biology at Iowa State University, talks to contributing editor Dr. Tanuja Koppal about the time and cost savings generated in his lab due to a recent investment in a high-content screening (HCS) system. While his research group can now set up more experiments to look at different cell types and conditions, they also spend more time carefully designing the experiments and optimizing the conditions and later analyzing the vast amounts of data generated from each experiment.

Researchers Get Access to Open Science Grid

by University of California - San Diego
The University of California, San Diego, and the Open Science Grid (OSG), a multi-disciplinary consortium funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation (NSF), have announced a partnership under which campus researchers will have access to the OSG’s fabric of Distributed High-Throughput Computing capabilities.