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metabolic functions

The Periodic Table of Proteins

by University of Cambridge
Researchers have devised a periodic table of protein complexes, making it easier to visualize, understand, and predict how proteins combine to drive biological processes

Discovery Links Shift in Metabolism to Stem Cell Renewal

by The Rockefeller University
Stem cells in early embryos have unlimited potential; they can become any type of cell, and researchers hope to one day harness this rejuvenating power to heal disease and injury. To do so, they must, among other things, figure out how to reliably arrest stem cells in a Peter Pan-like state of indefinite youth and potential. It’s clear the right environment can help accomplish this, acting as a sort of Neverland for stem cells. Only now are scientists beginning to understand how.

How Wasting is Saving

by Wiley
Weight loss at high altitudes—something universally experienced by climbers and people who move to higher terrain—may not be a detrimental effect, but rather is likely an evolutionarily-programmed adaptation, according to a new article in BioEssays.