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Are You In Style?

by Patty Kreamer
Style. Not what color shoes to wear with blue pants. The style I’m referring to is behavioral style. Yes, we all have a behavioral style and understanding this will help you realize why that person down the hall makes you crazy and more importantly, what you can do about it.

The Introverted Manager

by Lina Genovesi
The business world is a web of interactions revolving around social events, social media, open office environments, work teams, and group activities. Extroverts dominate the business world and thrive in that environment. 

Four Strategies to Deal with Abrasive Leaders

by Bonnie Artman Fox
When you walk into the lab, you can feel the tension building. Even though you enjoy your work, interacting with your boss is affecting your overall job satisfaction. You are facing a dilemma: start looking for another job or endure the conflict.

The Politics of Personalities

by Mark Lanfear
Every workplace has at least one of them: the person who is smarter, the person who knows how to fix a problem better than you can, the person who is surely going to leave you in the dust on his or her way up.

What Sort Of Executive Are You?

by Tron Jordheim
You may know your business or your industry well. But do you know anything about yourself? Forward thinking executives and business leaders evaluate their employees and clients to help better understand work styles and personality types. Sales trainers try to understand the types of buyers their sales people are talking to and how those buyers will make purchasing decisions. Marketers try to understand the personality types that one can reach out to and how those personalities will receive a message. Understanding the types of people one works with is important knowledge especially for executives.