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Articles by John Buie

Mindmap: Improve the Purity of Water in My Lab

by John Buie
Lab water, purified by any of a number of means, is a vital resource in most laboratories. Purified lab water ranges from Type I, which is suitable for analytical tests requiring minimal interference and maximum precision and accuracy, through Type II for analytical tests in which the presence of bacteria can be tolerated, to Type III, which is suitable for general washing and for use as feedwater for producing higher grade water, as well as bacteriological media preparation.

Evolution of Fume Hoods

by John Buie
A fume hood is an essential piece of equipment found in almost all laboratories, from teaching labs to research labs to industrial labs.  Learn the history of this important part of the lab.

Evolution of Ultra-High-Throughput Screening

by John Buie
Ultra-high-throughput screening (uHTS) is an automated methodology for conducting hundreds of thousands of biological or chemical screening tests per day using liquid handling devices, sensitive detectors, robotics, data processing, and control software.

Guide to Liquid Chromatography Systems

by John Buie
Liquid chromatography is an essential process in many laboratories for the separation, identification, purification and quantification of various compounds.When purchasing a liquid chromatography system, consider a more general purpose HPLC system.

Evolution of Biological Shakers and Stirrers

by John Buie
Mixing solutions is one of the most common laboratory tasks. Over the years, a number of automated methods for mixing have been devised, all of which remove this burden from the operator by offering a sustained and controlled stirring action for indefinite periods of time.