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Cover Story |  Volume 16 - Issue 8  |  September 2021

Beyond Compliance

The RAMP framework for risk assessment


Lab Health and Safety

Female Researcher Preparing Tissue Cultures in Biological Safety Cabinet.

Beyond Compliance: The RAMP Framework for Risk Assessment

One benefit of RAMP, and risk assessment in general, is that it is applicable to all scientific disciplines, not just chemistry

An image of a pair of male hands holding a black book with the words "Emergency Response Plan" written on the book in gold.

Critical Disaster Planning Lessons for Laboratories

The COVID-19 pandemic offers an opportunity for lab leaders to reevaluate their preparation strategies

Leadership and Staffing

A stressed blonde female worker sits at her desk and rubs her eyes in exhaustion.

Three Keys to Embrace Discomfort in the Lab

Here are three tips that will help your staff embrace the discomfort that will lead to growth and development

An image of hands of a variety of skin colors holding various sizes of gears that are on a wooden surface. All the gears are grey, except one gold one.

How to Drive Innovation in the Lab

Unleashing creativity with the right people, effective work process, and good tools

Labs Less Ordinary

Upon impact, custom-made sensors measure the force being applied and displacement of the material being tested at Sandia National Laboratories’ Experimental Impact Mechanics Lab.

This Materials Testing Facility Can Analyze Almost Any Solid

The Experimental Impact Mechanics Lab at Sandia National Labs can analyze any solid natural or manmade material on the planet

Business Management

An closeup on someone's arm and hand using a key card to get through a locked door with a keypad. The image is in green tones and there is an overlay of a closed lock graphic and an open lock graphic.

Lab Security Tips for Cyber and Physical Threats

How to protect the lab’s instruments, data, and people from security risks

A vaguely creepy clip art illustration of a female scientist in a lab coat popping out of a cellphone while holding a megaphone. This image is on a red background. The illustration is in black, white, and teal.

Strategies for Marketing Used and Refurbished Lab Equipment

Transparency, quality control, and support are key factors in defining value


Cartoon female scientist at work table

Ergonomics Safety

Ergonomic best practices can prevent serious long-term injury

Lab Design and Furnishings

A view into the office suites and visitor zone at the front of the GHRC building.

Ultra-Secure Lab Building Hidden in Plain Sight

Texas A&M University GHRC wins Excellence in Safety prize in Lab Design Excellence Awards

In Focus

Waters Machine

A Universal Language Creates Harmony in the Laboratory

How a modern chromatography data system improves workflows and elevates your laboratory business


A closeup photo of very green lettuce leaves covered in droplets of water.

Sensors to Enhance Agricultural Productivity

Developing novel solutions to achieve food security

Products in Action

Clippard ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE Ultra-Fine Resolution Electronic Proportional Isolation Valves

The stepper-controlled award-winning ECLIPSE leads the industry in performance and durability

Water Analysis

OHAUS AquaSearcher™ AB41PH Water Analysis Instrument

An advanced, research-grade benchtop PH meter offering accurate, repeatable results

Ask the Expert

A female food production plant worker checks a clipboard while walking through the plant. She has on a lab coat and hairnet.

New Methods to Improve Food Production Sanitation Practices

Experts discuss current trends and challenges within food safety, as well as a research project aimed at improving sanitation practices within food production facilities

Product Focus

a closeup of a laboratory evaporator filled with a blue liquid.

A Critical Factor in Choosing the Right Lab Evaporator

Understanding the balance between sample heat sensitivity and solvent volatility is an important consideration

An image of a male researcher wearing a white lab coat and gloves sitting at a fume hood.

The Benefits of Upgrading Fume Hoods in the Lab

Upgrading fume hoods optimizes chemical safety in response to changes in space, personnel, and workflow

Blue-gloved hands working with a gas chromatograph and gas cylinder in the lab.

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Gas Generator

Regularly changing filters and maintaining consistent operating temperature and humidity are critical

Two lab workers wearing full safety gowns/coveralls with hoods and respirators, safety glasses, and gloves, walk through their facility.

PPE: How to Ensure a Proper Fit

Properly-fitted PPE is vital for minimizing risk and promoting a positive safety culture

How it Works

Biophase Instrument

Transforming Biologic Drug Development

Making simultaneous CE-SDS/CIEF analyses of multiple samples possible