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Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 9  |  November 2022

Building Diversity in STEM

Embracing a holistic approach to DEI leadership in the workplace


Management Tips

Group of people join hands in a huddle

Three Keys to Improving Diversity

How to improve diversity in the lab

Leadership and Staffing

Collage of different people making up one face

Building Diversity in STEM

Embracing a holistic approach to DEI leadership in the workplace

Two female scientists work at microscopes in the lab

How to Combat STEM's Retention Issues for Women

STEM fields show high recruitment rates of women but fail to provide ongoing support to ensure retention

Labs Less Ordinary

Exterior shot of the Baylor Sciences Building

Removing Barriers in a University Chemistry Lab

The Shaw Research Group at Baylor University receives NIH grant to improve accessibility to chemistry work

Business Management

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Creating an Inclusive Lab Environment

Establishing a culture of inclusion is the first step to achieving a positive DEI strategy

Asset Management

Illustration of a female scientist using a microscope

Spotlight on Women-Owned Businesses in Science

Biotech business owner shares her experience and lessons learned in entrepreneurship

Lab Design and Furnishings

3D render of scientists working in a laboratory

Rethinking Labs for Inclusion and Equity

Questions and considerations to ensure your lab accommodates all staff

Lab Health and Safety

Two scientists use a tablet in the laboratory

Five Benefits of Using a Laboratory Safety Consultant

Proactively address safety issues by hiring an external expert


3D render of an atom

An Overview of Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Ion mobility spectrometry offers several advantages and is useful for important applications

Ask the Expert

3D illustration of proteins

Cell Protein Identification with Mass Spectrometry

Advancements and progress in mass spectrometry-based protein identification

Product Focus

Green, watery illustration of hyaluron acid

Controlling an Experiment's Temperature

From portable and benchtop units to industrial-size devices, here are some guidelines for picking the best bath or chiller for your facility

Rotary evaporator on a lab bench

Innovative Features of Evaporators

Tapping on new features of evaporators can boost research productivity

Scientist holds up a sample vial

ICP-OES: A Versatile and Sensitive Method to Analyze Trace Metals

ICP-OES offers distinct advantages to measure trace metals in a broad variety of matrices

Sample vials sit on a plate

Mass Spectrometry in Trace Organic Analysis

Mass spectrometry is broadly used in analytical applications but does have some drawbacks

Innovations In

Abstract image of bar chart data visualization

Innovations in Mass Spectrometry

Featured mass spectrometry technology to help the lab