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Lab Manager July/August 2022 Cover Image Title Creating a Culture of Innovation

Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 6  |  July/August 2022

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Build the environment that can sustain the innovation journey


Management Tips

Illustration of people holding up a light bulb

Three Keys to Getting Better Ideas

How to improve idea generation in the lab

Leadership and Staffing

Explosion of a filament light bulb

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Build the environment that can sustain the innovation journey

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Characteristics of an Innovative Mindset

How individual traits and qualities can be an asset to the innovation process

Illustration of profiles of three people

Stories from the Most Innovative School in the US

Learn how three engineers innovate and spur it in others

Wind turbines sticking up through the clouds

Gauging the Weather, the Anna Mani Way

The weather woman of India, Anna Mani, was a pioneer and renowned physicist who made significant contributions to the study of solar radiation and meteorological instrumentation

Sylvia Earle gets out of the JIM suit.

This Trailblazer Shattered Barriers to Deep-Sea Exploration

Sylvia Earle, PhD, left an indelible mark on oceanography and deep-sea research by pushing the limits of possibility

Illustration of woman running with EKG curves in the background

A Collaborative Approach to Integrative Physiology

Bengt Saltin was a distinguished scholar and mentor in the field of exercise physiology

Business Management

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Identifying and Addressing Efficiency Gaps in the Lab

Driving change through incremental innovation

Lab Design and Furnishings

Interior shot of the CCNR "nucleus"

Innovative Lab Design for Collaborative Researchers

Caltech Chen Neuroscience Research Building wins Excellence in Innovation prize in 2022 Design Excellence Awards


Illustration of influence women from scientific history

Homage to the Heroines of Scientific History

Stories and controversies of the women who spurred innovation but were spurned

Macro shot of mycelium

Finding Inspiration in Nature and Biomimicry

Studying biological organisms to find material and structural solutions

Ask the Expert

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How Collaborations with Non-Scientists Can Lead to Innovation in Science

Tina Phillips, PhD, discusses how citizen scientists can contribute to new scientific tools and discoveries


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Lab Manager Reader Survey: Innovation

Our readers share their thoughts on innovation in the workplace