Cover Story |  Volume 15 - Issue 6  |  July 2020

Creating a Positive Lab Culture

Learn to use behavioral strengths to lead, motivate, and succeed


Leadership and Staffing

Creating a Positive Culture in the Laboratory

Learn to use behavioral strengths to lead, motivate, and succeed

Quick Tips from Linda: Recruiting Candidates Remotely

With hiring going virtual at many companies, Linda the lab manager shares her tips for attracting the best talent to your lab with a solid remote onboarding process

Managing a Multigenerational Laboratory

Understanding the unique traits of each generation ensures a cohesive work environment

Labs Less Ordinary

How Researchers are Protecting Our Oceans and Waterways

At the NOAA Charleston and Hollings Marine Laboratories, collaborative research is at the heart of safeguarding aquatic ecosystems

In Focus

The Power of Partnership

The Power of Partnership

From resources to support, the right partner can help you tackle cell culture contamination

The Optimal Balance of Performance, Efficiency, and Safety

The Optimal Balance of Performance, Efficiency, and Safety

A biological safety cabinet without compromise

Business Management

Achieving Equity for Women in STEM

To implement real change in the scientific workplace, participation is needed on both an individual and corporate level

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer to Maximize Your Greatest Asset

Breaking down barriers for knowledge transfer supports creativity and innovation


Linda's Lab: Building an Inclusive Lab

In this month's comic, Linda shares how she creates a work environment where everyone feels included and can therefore do their best work

Lab Design and Furnishings

Laboratory Renovations: Made Fast to Last

Proper planning cuts down on construction time

Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute C Receives Excellence in Sustainability Award

This workhorse in the desert needed to set a new standard for sustainability, as well as provide space for ever-advancing scientific research and discovery

Lab Health and Safety

Proper Sequencing of PPE Use

Recommended procedures for donning and doffing PPE to prevent cross-contamination


The Power of Algorithms in Analytical Chemistry

AI can tackle big data and accelerate numerous applications in analytical chemistry

Ask the Expert

Laboratory Accreditation 101

In this Q&A, Elizabeth Carbonella of A2LA outlines the process of laboratory accreditation and the associated benefits

Product Focus

Bioreactor Designs Respond to Evolving Needs in Vaccine Manufacturing

Faced with limitations of egg-based vaccine production, researchers have turned to other approaches

Lyophilizing for Storage and Analysis

Although freeze drying is a well-known technique, it still comes with some hurdles

IR: Shining a Light on Chardonnay

Various forms of light-based analysis—including infrared and near-infrared spectroscopy—provide useful information from an easy workflow

Informatics Approaches to In Silico Drug Discovery

Revolutionary approaches to drug discovery aided by informatics and guided toward precision medicine have helped bring new drug approvals back to pre-1996 levels