Cover Story |  Volume 15 - Issue 4  |  May 2020

Fostering Happiness

Quality leadership heightens employee engagement



Linda's Lab: Working Remotely

Linda shares some advice for working effectively from home

Leadership and Staffing

Fostering Happiness in the Laboratory

Quality leadership heightens employee engagement

Cross-Training in a Lab

Do the benefits outweigh the cost?

Quick Tips from Linda: Training Future Leaders

Linda shares a few thoughts on how to identify and train those in the lab who show a knack for management 

Labs Less Ordinary

‘Team Science’ at the Forefront at Argonne National Lab

The people, ideas, and strategies that help run Argonne National Laboratory

In Focus

Explore beyond the Confines of Endpoint Assays with Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis

Live-cell imaging and analysis provides valuable biological insights and creates new possibilities for cell imaging assays

The Dairy Industry Depends on Accurate Protein Quantification

The Dairy Industry Depends on Accurate Protein Quantification

Combustion-based Dumas technology enables accurate, cost effective, and environmentally friendly nitrogen analysis for protein determination in milk and milk products

Business Management

Recognizing Your Team’s Talent

Steer your employees to success by effectively distributing their strengths

Tips for Managing Five Phases of the Laboratory Life Cycle

From start up to closing, and every step in between, proper asset management is essential

Lab Design and Furnishings

How to Choose Laboratory Casework Materials

Carefully examine the pros and cons of different kinds of casework materials before making a selection

Products in Action

Ohaus Now Features a Full Range of Benchtop Laboratory Equipment

Ohaus Now Features a Full Range of Benchtop Laboratory Equipment

Get a quick look at the latest range of sample preparation solutions from Ohaus

Eppendorf ® Centrifuge 5425

Eppendorf ® Centrifuge 5425

New centrifuge provides an essential piece of equipment for modern labs and high-throughput users

Improving ELISA Workflows with INTEGRA’s Pipetting Solutions

A wide range of liquid handling solutions are available to guarantee consistency and reproducibility

Laboratory Technology

Is SaaS LIMS Right for Your Laboratory?

Advancements in software as a service (Saas) demonstrate that the technology is here to stay

Lab Health and Safety

How to Handle Heat Stress

Though not a common issue in most labs, in some areas of the lab and in the field, heat stroke is a real risk


Identifying Food Fraud with Analytical Testing

Olive oil is an ingredient at high risk for food fraud, necessitating analytical testing to protect consumers

Ask the Expert

Trends in 3D Cell Culture: Organoids and Spheroids

Amanda Linkous, PhD, discusses new scientific and technological advancements in 3D cell culture in this Q&A with contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, PhD

Product Focus

How to Centrifuge Safely

Spinning safely: keeping centrifuges operating as intended

New Techniques in MS-Based Proteomic Screening

How these novel methods can lead to revolutions in drug discovery and target identification

Overcoming Challenges in Plasma Sample Prep

The product is only as good as the process

Controlling Temperature While Mixing Samples

Considerations for choosing the best temperature-controlled laboratory shakers