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Cover of Lab Manager's July/August issue

Cover Story |  Volume 18 - Issue 6  |  July/August 2023

Harnessing Innovative AI Solutions in Your Lab

Exploring AI-powered analytic and processing tools—and the challenges that accompany them


Management Tips

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Three Keys to Balancing Features and Costs

Find the right balance between additional features and costs in new equipment

Business Management

Vaporwave-style sun setting over a vector horizon

Harnessing Innovative AI Solutions in Your Lab

Exploring AI-powered analytic and processing tools—and the challenges that accompany them

Cartoon man pushes coins into an "ROI machine" and more coins are put out

Building a Successful Business Case Around an ROI Calculation

Demonstrating a good ROI is essential to persuading leadership

Man writes a review on an online marketplace

Green Flags in a Pre-Owned Lab Equipment Vendor

Effort and transparency are essential traits for a used equipment vendor

Asset Management

Scientist programs an automated lab robot

Three Tips to Determine Which Features You Need When Shopping for AI Software

Defining your goals, future-proofing, and ensuring accuracy are essential to finding AI solutions

Leadership and Staffing

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Optimizing Team Dynamics to Spur Innovation

How to find the balance between psychological safety and intellectual honesty among your staff

Headshot of Konrad Rykaczewski

One Innovator's Serpentine Journey to Solving Heat Crises and Saving Lives

Konrad Rykaczewski, PhD, is drawing on a diverse set of experiences to develop new cooling methods

Lab Design and Furnishings

Exterior of the Stieff Silver Foundry Building

Lab Retrofits Breathe New Life into Unique Spaces

Turning an interesting building into a laboratory comes with challenges but can save time and money


Food scientist examines data on a tablet

Detecting Food Fraud through AI-Powered Data Analysis

AI and ML open the door for faster, more efficient food fraud detection by data analysts

3D render of stem cells

Xenobots: Living Robots that Make Science Fiction a Reality

Designed using stem cells, these living machines open the door for exciting advances in regenerative medicine and other fields

Ask the Expert

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Using DNA Test Kits to Combat Food Fraud

An interview with two food fraud experts about the parallel evolutions of fraud techniques and fraud detection methods 

Product Focus

Food scientist works in a lab

Baths and Chillers in the Food Sciences

The different needs of food research and food processing create choices in bath- and chiller-based temperature control

Centrifuge tubes

Centrifuge Sample Handling Puts a Renewed Focus on Integrity

Centrifuge consumables that incorporate advanced materials and smart designs are impacting fields from extractables to labs-on-chips

Scientist takes freezer box out of a ULT freezer

Shifting from Chaos to Order with Freezer Boxes and Racks

Preserving samples in an organized manner makes it easier to track projects and find products

Mayonnaise with parsley and lemon

Microscopy in Food Development and Testing

The physical structure and composition impacts quality and safety