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Cover of May 2023 Issue of Lab Manager. Title reads 'Innovative Design Spurs Cutting Edge Neuroscience Research' overlaid over a scene of multiple floors of a modern commercial building or hospital

Cover Story |  Volume 18 - Issue 4  |  May 2023

Innovative Design

Innovative design spurs cutting edge neuroscience research



The Benefits of Being a Member of the Laboratory Products Association

The Benefits of Being a Member of the Laboratory Products Association

This month, we do a quick Q&A with Angela Errera, director of marketing, membership, and communications at the Laboratory Products Association (LPA). She discusses the reasons you may want to become an LPA member.

Management Tips

Two colleagues talk in a meeting

Three Keys to Gathering Ideas from the Lab for a Renovation

How to gather ideas about a lab renovation from staff

Lab Design and Furnishings

View of the laboratory facility from the atrium.

Innovative Design Spurs Cutting-Edge Neuroscience Research

Joan & Sanford I. Weill Neurosciences Building wins Excellence in Innovation Prize in 2023 Design Excellence Awards

Woman uses a calculator

Successfully Creating a Lab Design Budget

Building an effective team, proper planning, and documentation all play key roles in setting a design budget

Exterior shot of the Kornberg Center at dusk.

Sustainable Design Spurs an Energy Reduction Win

Promega Corporation Kornberg Center wins Excellence in Sustainability Prize in 2023 Design Excellence Awards

Instrument lab with color-changing lighting, currently set to red lighting.

Retrofit Brings New Life to a Historic Silversmith Building

Materials Characterization and Processing Facility wins Honorable Mention—Innovation in 2023 Design Excellence Awards

Asset Management

Lab planners hold a meeting around a conference table

Keys for Effective Lab Planning and Design

Early engagement, expertise, and end users are vital to effective lab planning

Leadership and Staffing

Man works on a lab renovation project on his laptop

Leading a Lab Renovation

Understanding the renovation process is key to accomplishing project objectives on time and within budget

Business Management

Moving boxes stacked in a new lab space

Mitigating Risks Associated with Laboratory Relocations

Scientific expertise, industry knowledge, and a solid reputation are the essential characteristics of a relocation service provider


Scientist preps nanomaterials for analysis on a scanning electron microscope

The Transformative Power of Nanomaterials

While nanomaterials already play important roles in health and energy, we're still discovering their many applications

Ask the Expert

3D render of the structure of a hexagonal nanomaterial

Mapping the Future of Technology with Next-Generation Materials

Next-generation materials set the stage for a future of innovation using high-performance structural composite materials with enhanced capabilities and applications

Product Focus

Lab vials in front of a periodic table

Testing Food and Drugs for Heavy Metals

Some heavy metals are toxic at extremely low levels, and new elemental analyzers improve testing

Stools and lab benches in a new, clean laboratory

Lab Furniture Safety Considerations

Keep these key safety factors in mind when selecting furniture for the laboratory

Scientist loads a microplate into a reader

Single-Mode versus Multimode Microplate Readers

The choice to maximize efficiency and capability on a multimode reader is dependent on present and future needs

Scientist prepares a sample on a scanning electron microscope

How SEM/EDS Works and Its Applications in Materials Science

This versatile technique offers insight into the structure and composition of a range of materials