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Cover of April 2023 Issue of Lab Manager. Title reads "Leaders in Sustainability". Subtitle reads "Learning from global corporate leaders in lab sustainability". Paper cut-out art shows a skyline featuring buildings, wind turbines, and trees.

Cover Story |  Volume 18 - Issue 3  |  April 2023

Leaders in Sustainability

Learning from global corporate leaders in lab sustainability


Management Tips

Two lab colleagues review work at a computer

Three Keys to Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is a gift that demonstrates caring and support


Landscape of buildings and windmills

Learning from Global Corporate Leaders in Lab Sustainability

These corporate leaders in sustainability set ambitious goals and leverage innovation and passion to achieve them

Environmental symbols laid over a forest aerial shot

Carbon-Neutral Energy Sector: Dream or Reality?

The US is aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, but what hurdles does it face?

Labs Less Ordinary

Aerial view of a city with renewable energy icons overlaid

Establishing Safety and Performance Standards for Renewable Energy Technologies

With a new lab at the University of Houston, the ESRI conducts fundamental research to understand the safety and performance limitations of renewable energy

Asset Management

Cardboard boxes with "Donation" written on the side

Three Reasons to Donate Used Lab Equipment

Donating equipment is an effective way to support the scientific community in developing countries

Leadership and Staffing

Lab manager presents business case to executives in a meeting

Making the Business Case for Sustainable Solutions in Your Lab

A guide to building an airtight argument for sustainable investments

Lab Design and Furnishings

Scientist holds up a petri dish with a leaf in it

The Lasting Impact of Sustainable Lab Design

Question previous assumptions, watch for new innovations, and push for better answers

Business Management

Man using a holographic application to monitor equipment

Artificial Intelligence: A Game-Changer in Lab Monitoring

How AI pattern recognition can assist in equipment monitoring and optimization

Lab Health and Safety

Train rolling past a corn field

The Role of Environmental Testing During Disaster Response

How the recent Ohio train derailment put a spotlight on environmental monitoring and analyses

Ask the Expert

River running through the countryside

A Novel Approach to Breaking Down PFAS

Exploring new ways to overcome the complex challenges of remediating "forever chemicals"

Product Focus

Scientist works at a bioreactor in a lab

Understanding the Range of Bioreactors

The bioreactor is a key piece of equipment for scaling up cell manufacturing

Two female scientists working at a fume hood

Best Practices for Selecting and Using a Fume Hood

Ensure clean air in the lab with the right fume hood materials, specifications, and usage

Scientist refers to chemical inventory management software on her tablet

Three Reasons Why You Need a Chemical Inventory Management System

Forgoing a proper chemical inventory management platform will only increase risk and waste money

Pipette tips sitting in a microplate

Reducing Lab Plastic and Reagent Waste

Advanced technology, reuse, and reduction can be combined to make labs more sustainable