Business Management

Likes & Shares, Who Cares?

Social media arouses conflicting value judgments in the scientific community. 

When a Lack of Balance is Okay

Instead of always trying to figure out how to obtain balance in our lives, what if we gave ourselves permission to experience an out of balance life from time to time?

The SMART Lab Part II

A continuation of our look at this framework for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based performance goals.

Buying a Pre-Owned Mass Spectrometer

We buy pre-owned cars, so why not buy pre-owned lab equipment, such as a mass spectrometer (MS)?

Leadership and Staffing

If You Really Want Your Team to Hear You, Listen

When a leader communicates clearly to employees, everyone from research and development to sales and marketing understands the same vision and the same values of the organization’s culture.

Manage Meetings Better

Managing meetings is not easy and is not taught in universities. However, it is a skill that can be acquired.

Laboratory Technology

Considering the Cloud

Despite all the hype being tossed around, the cloud is a logical evolution of previous systems.

November 2015 Technology News

In this issue we highlight companies that will be exhibiting at the American Society for Cell Biology’s annual meeting and exhibition (ASCB 2015).

Optimizing the Analytical Workflow

UV-Vis line looks to make analyses quicker and easier

Lab Health and Safety

Safe Handling of Liquid Nitrogen

As one might imagine, cryopreservation is fraught with dangers and serious potential hazards.

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Provide an Appropriate Supply of First Aid Equipment and Instruction on Its Proper Use

OSHA specifies in 29 CFR 1910 that first aid kits need to be specified by the consulting physician

Ask the Expert

A Look at Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Paula Rose discusses her work with IRMS in a new lab at Texas A&M University.

PCR: What Has Changed and What Hasn't?

Stephen Bustin, PhD talks about the persisting problem of lack of transparency and reliability in current PCR data.


INSIGHTS on Isotope Ratio MS for Forensics

From marine accidents to murders, this technology helps experts analyze the evidence

INSIGHTS on Industrial Microbiology

Bugs as products or production engines

Product Focus

Miniaturizing Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometers

Overcoming physical, mechanical barriers

CO2 Incubators: Preventing Contamination and Using Effective Sterilization Keeps Cultures Growing

87 percent of laboratory staff globally have at least one cell culture contamination event per year

Analytical Balances: Focus on Gravimetric Pipette Calibration

Pipette calibration begins with a reliable analytical balance

Mills and Grinders: Like Coffee, Some Science Needs Just the Right Grind

“To get the grind right, a scientist must pay attention to the details.”


2015 Gas Chromatography Product Survey Results

See the results of our 2015 survey to see respondents' purchasing plans, the most common GC detectors, and more

2015 Microplate Handler Survey Results

Learn the most common handler types, and more in the results of our 2015 survey on this key microplate technology

2015 Stirrers and Mixers Survey Results

Mixing solutions is one of the most common laboratory tasks

2015 Centrifuge Product Survey Results

Find out how purchasing habits and the most popular types have changed since our last survey.

How it Works

How a Safety Bunsen Burner Works

Find out about the features that can make your lab safer

How a Blast Freezer Works

A way to best prepare samples for long-term storage at ultra-low temperatures