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Lab Manager October 2022 Preparing for Difficult Decisions

Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 8  |  October 2022

Preparing for Difficult Decisions

Seven tips to help lab managers navigate a layoff


Management Tips

Illustration of person walking toward an open door with closed doors on either end

Three Keys to Making Quick Decisions

How to improve timely decision-making for the lab

Leadership and Staffing

Image of a man thinking with gears turning above his head

Preparing for Difficult Decisions

Seven tips to help lab managers navigate a layoff

Man looks at a tablet his colleague is showing him

How to Become a Person of Influence

Cultivating your influence skills can benefit your career, your lab, and the business as a whole

Labs Less Ordinary

Photo of NASA's DC-8 Airborne Science airplane airborne

How to Conduct Research in a Flying Lab

NASA's DC-8 Airborne Science Laboratory completes scientific missions high above the Earth

Business Management

Professionals laughing in a meeting room

The Business Case for Boosting Employee Engagement

Improving engagement will positively impact both employee satisfaction and business success

Asset Management

Illustration of man on a path encountering a red path

Repair or Replace? Red Flags to Look For in Your Equipment

Signs like safety concerns and poor efficiency may demonstrate the need for an upgrade

Lab Design and Furnishings

Interior shot of a Cedars-Sinai lab with biological safety cabinets

How to Ensure a Positive Relationship Between Lab and Design Teams

Collaboration and technology improve the design process to achieve successful new lab buildings and renovations

Lab Health and Safety

Illustration of a man working at a typewriter

Persuading Others Toward a Culture of Safety

Storytelling is a powerful tool to convince others to comply with safety guidelines


Researcher picks up cannabis with tweezers in a lab

Chromatography in Cannabis Testing

Key considerations to choosing a method that's best for a lab's specific needs

Product Focus

Scientist working in a fume hood

Ducted Versus Ductless Fume Hoods

Modern safety and eco-friendly features make ductless fume hoods a suitable option for some labs

Gas cylinders sitting in a laboratory

Switching to Hydrogen Gas

Ongoing shortages of helium fuel a transition to hydrogen in many labs, and here's what it takes to make the switch

Scientist places a petri dish in an incubator

Incubators and Shakers: Navigating the Used Market

What to know before buying a pre-owned incubator or shaker

Two men in lab coats discuss supplies in a lab

Inventory Management Solutions in the Modern Laboratory

Learn about the benefits of inventory management systems and selecting the right one

Scientist collects a sample from a river

The Role of Ion Chromatography in Environmental Sciences

Ion chromatography can help isolate the identity of analytes with high precision