Lab Manager | Run Your Lab Like a Business

Cover Story |  Volume 3 - Issue 2  |  July/August 2008

Running Your Lab Like a Business

Tools and technologies lab managers need to succeed


Business Management

Running Your Lab Like A Business

Research skills are only part–albeit a critical part–of what lab managers need to succeed. Fortunately, scientists are learners and as such can put this skill to work in developing management techniques and tools to run their labs as businesses.

Moving Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory relocation requires expertise in managing the complexities associated with moving scientific instruments and samples. This article discusses some key considerations in evaluating potential relocation providers

Lab Health and Safety

Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Fume Hood

The purpose of a fume hood is to contain contaminants and prevent their escape into the laboratory. This is accomplished by drawing contaminates within the hood’s work area away from the user, so that inhalation and contact are minimized.

When Things Go Boom in the Lab

As we say over and over again, chemical safety begins with a good working knowledge of the chemicals you use and their hazardous properties. When incompatible materials contact each other the result can lead to explosion, the evolution of toxic or or flammable gas, or both.

Leadership and Staffing

The Four Stages of Management, Part 1

Each stage of development has its challenges but the rewards are success and ease in the role of manager.

Laboratory Technology

Technology Management: Product Life Cycle

What effect will product upgrades, version changes, and retirement have on your labs operations? Are you prepared for it?

Total Cost of Ownership

Save money, increase instrument performance, and improve workforce productivity by understanding the costs associated with instrument and equipment ownership throughout the entire life cycle.

Lab Design and Furnishings

Achieving Flexible Lab Design on a Budget

Unlike offices, laboratories require infrastructure that is costly and not readily available in commercial real estate.

Product Focus

Pure Water Every Time

Because impurities can be a critical factor in many research experiments, water purity ranks high in importance.

Choosing a Fume Hood

In the Product Focus on Fume Hoods in the July/August 2008 issue of Lab Manager, three industry experts shared some ideas on what you should know before purchasing a fume hood and how to get the most out of one.

How it Works

Protecting RNA Samples at Room Temperature

RNA samples are notoriously difficult to work with given their highly labile nature and tendency to degrade even under carefully controlled RNase-free conditions and maintenance in cold environments. Exposure to slightly elevated temperatures for even short time periods can compromise RNA integrity and detrimentally affect downstream assays and results.

Wet Chemistry Made Easy

The way laboratories perform analysis and operate is changing. The market is demanding that laboratories become more efficient and reduce overall operating costs. At the same time, less skilled personnel are more affordable or more available.

Computing and Automation

Informatics Are Really, Really, Really Important

My lesson to you is this: come up with an offbeat title like this, give it to the editor of a periodical in jest, and the next thing you know, youll be writing an article to match. Still, the title is true. Informatics permeates the modern lab.