Cover Story |  Volume 13 - Issue 11  |  December 2018

Scientific Apps

Fostering productivity at the bench or in the field


Laboratory Technology

Mobile Apps for Scientists

Fostering productivity at the bench or in the field

New Opportunities for Lab Robotics

Laboratory robotics offer new opportunities for both researchers and clinical lab workers

Research-Specific Labs

National Facility Tests Next Generation of Oil Spill Response Technology

Ohmsett's saltwater test tank mimics real-world environment

Business Management

Applying Lean Tools to Chemical Process Development

Lean tools are engineering evaluation techniques that can be integrated into chemical process development labs in order to reduce different types of waste

Ask Linda: Managing Laboratory Dollars

The purpose of a budget is to establish a forecast of revenues and expenditures to guide your efforts during  the next fiscal period

Leadership and Staffing

Effective Internal Communication in the Lab

Tips for developing effective communicators within and outside the lab

Lab Health and Safety

The Longest 10 Seconds

Safety requirements for safety showers and eyewash stations


Ergonomic Safety

Ergonomic best practices can prevent serious long-term injury

Balance Best Practices

A few key tips can help improve the performance of your balance

Linda's Lab: Lines of Communication

Keeping the lines of communication open keeps labs running smoothly


Get the Red Out

New take on scarlet snacks for the holidays and beyond

Ask the Expert

Managing Workflows

Andrea Ong is the lab manager of the Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory (IPhL) at the University
of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Innovations in Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine

How recent advances in technology have helped bring cell therapies to the forefront

Product Focus

Fluorine NMR: An Overlooked Nucleotide Comes into Its Own

The “democratization” of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers has been accompanied by multiprobe, multi-nuclide capability.

Microbiology: A New Golden Age of Antibiotic Discovery?

A new golden age of antibiotic discovery is needed. The good news is that we may be on the verge of one

How Water Contaminants Impact Lab Analyses

Water is known to harbor a range of contaminants that can potentially impact lab experiments.

Vacuum Pump Maintenance Tips

If the pump goes down, so does the process.

How it Works

How Improving Chemistry Productivity Works

How Improving Chemistry Productivity Works

Whether it’s in a busy university lab or a large industrial laboratory, the issue of productivity has long been the source of sleepless nights for chemists worldwide.

Products in Action

Plastic Concepts Filtered Fume Hood

More and more labs are seeing the benefits of filtered fume hoods made from polypropylene.