Business Management

A Lab Manager's Guide to Sustainable Lab Practices

Scientists often overlook some of the intuitive but less-obvious ways to reduce energy use in the lab

How a Laboratory Energy Retrofit Can Improve Sustainability and Reduce Utility Consumption

Existing laboratories provide significant opportunities to reduce utility consumption, improve sustainability, and manage costs.

Options for Sourcing Used Lab Equipment

Finding the right procurement channel for your needs

Research-Specific Labs

Using Insect Protein to Produce More Sustainable Fish Feed

Ynsect uses mealworms, the larval stage of the common beetle species Tenebrio molitor, to produce its insect-based fish feed.

Leadership and Staffing

Work/Life Balance Tips for Lab Professionals

Lab professionals share tips for balancing their personal lives with their work

Laboratory Technology

Cleaning, Tagging, and Structuring Life Science Data

Traditional life science search tools don’t perform the difficult but necessary intelligence work of analyzing, aggregating, and structuring data in research papers

Technology News | April 2017

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Materials with the iXR

New compact Raman spectrometer allows for simultaneous analysis of a single measurement point using multiple analytical techniques

Lab Health and Safety

What's Your IEQ IQ?

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues can often be traced back to poor design.


Mass Spec Strategies for Drug Discovery

As a multidisciplinary activity, drug discovery relies on a range of life science analytical and processing platforms.

Carbon's Wide Impact On Water

From the environment and health, through medical manufacturing, carbon has an impact on water purity.

Ask the Expert

David Hage, PhD, Discusses Trends in HPLC Columns

David S. Hage, PhD, is the James Hewett University Professor of Chemistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Innovations Driving Next-Generation Sequencing and PCR

J. Christopher Love, PhD, associate professor in chemical engineering at MIT, and Maroof Adil, PhD, postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, talk to contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, PhD, about advances in single-cell sequencing.

Product Focus

Beyond Karl Fischer: Titration Methods

Analysts are always looking for a handheld, push-button replacement for complicated laboratory processes

The Right Biological Safety Cabinet for Your Job

When selecting a new biological safety cabinet (BSC), many factors should be considered.

Keeping Your Laboratory Water Bath Contaminant Free

Anything in a bath or that was in a bath can cause contamination if a scientist sidesteps ways to avoid the problem.

How to Deal with Solvent Bumping and Foaming During Lab Evaporation

Both products and techniques can help reduce these issues


2017 TOC Analyzers Survey Results

Accuracy and performance of results are the top most sought-after features in a TOC analyzer, according to our most recent survey results.

2017 CO2 Incubator Survey Results

Learn what our readers are using CO2 incubators for in their labs, and much more in our 2017 survey results

2017 Shakers Survey Results

Learn how often our readers use their lab shakers and much more in our 2017 survey results.

2017 Water Purification Survey Results

Get questions to ask when purchasing, plus the results of our 2017 survey.

How it Works

An Alternative Method for PCB Extraction

Absolute Resource Associates (ARA), an environmental firm in Portsmouth, NH, has found that performing Subpart Q studies for clients has been well worth the time and effort

How Solid State Induction Heaters Provide Targeted, Rapid Heating and Melting

Generating, directing, and controlling heat to accomplish goals in localized areas can be challenging in a lab or production environment for numerous reasons.