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Cover Story |  Volume 4 - Issue 6  |  July 2009

Valuing Diversity

Challenges in developig and managing laboratory workforce diversity


Leadership and Staffing

Valuing Diversity

Lab management would suffer without the multiple perspectives and experiences afforded by a diverse workforce. The key to innovation, in economic terms, resides inside the heads of peoplethe more diverse the better.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews can be developed into very useful tools that can help employees focus their efforts, enhance their performance and contribute to improving their employers bottom lines.

Standing Out in a Challenging Economy

In spite of society's dependency on the sciences to maintain a high quality of life, science professionals are not immune from the realities of the current economic downturn.

Laboratory Technology

Local is the New Green

 Labs have begun to look at green initiatives as a way to attract top talent as they become more competitive in addressing the world’s needs. 

What's that Sticker on My Fume Hood Anyway?

Fume hoods are important and critical pieces of equipment in many labs, and a competent certification company can align the operator, the laboratory environment and the hood itself to improve effective hood use.

July/August 2009 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Lab Design and Furnishings

Laboratory Retrofit

As energy prices rise and commitment to sustainability heightens, universities across the nation are developing methods for reducing energy consumption.

Business Management

Journey to the Efficient Lab

See how a university team helped this lab manager improve the efficiency of his testing environment, which led to more satisfied customers, monetary savings, and less overtime for lab staff.

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: An Academic Research Lab | Funding Challenges Remain

Perspective On: An Academic Research Lab | Funding Challenges Remain

Academic labs attract stimulus money but funding challenges remain

Lab Health and Safety

Take this Jar & Shelve It

If there is something that all laboratories have in common, it is bottles and bottles of chemicals. And if we are not diligent in handling and storing these bottles properly, problems will arise.

How it Works

Gas Process Automation

Many relatively simple industrial or laboratory processes that require control of flow or pressure can be greatly improved with automation.

Live Cell Analysis Under Shear Flow

In today's life science research environment, the usefulness and versatility of cellular analysis is growing rapidly.

How Supercritical Water Oxidation Technology for TOC Works

How Supercritical Water Oxidation Technology for TOC Works

Sample matrices are known to create analytical obstacles during routine Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis.

Purchasing Guides

Lab Manager Magazine's Independent Guide to Purchasing a CO2 Incubator

Read Lab Manager's independent guide to purchasing a CO2 Incubator and find the latest instruments on LabWrench.