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gas generator resource guide

Maximizing Lab Safety and Efficiency with Gas Generators

Laboratory gas generators deliver purified gas directly to specific instruments in the laboratory including gas chromatographs and environmental chambers, to name a few. Various systems are available in the market for different gases including hydrogen and nitrogen.  

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While up-front costs of gas generators are high, they are considerably safer compared to gas cylinders as they limit the amount of flammable and compressed in the lab. Replacing gas cylinders with gas generators can lead to increased convenience and a decrease in overall laboratory costs. 

  • What type of gas do you require for your application?
  • What gas purity do you require? 
  •  Which analytical instrument will the generator be paired with and is it compatible? 
  • How much space will the gas generator take up? 
  • Does the generator meet all relevant regulations (CSA/ETC, EC, EMC, etc.)?

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