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Microplate Technology

Microplate readers help maximize laboratory efficiency while delivering on accelerated productivity through high-throughput screening and analysis

Streamlining Research with Microplate Technology

Microplate technology, which measures various biochemical and biological processes, has transformed modern labs, enabling high-throughput analysis in fields like cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, and drug discovery. This diverse range of applications, however, can make selecting the appropriate microplate technology challenging. Labs must consider both their current and future needs, requiring a deep understanding of the specific requirements for each experiment they will perform, such as sensitivity, range, or speed. They must also choose systems that can meet these demands without compromising on other essential factors like ease of use and integration with existing infrastructure. 

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Live-cell assays, for instance, benefit from microplate technology that can precisely control environmental factors like temperature and CO2 levels. This control is crucial for maintaining cell viability and activity, directly impacting the accuracy and reproducibility of results. Next-generation sequencing workflows can also benefit from microplate technology, particularly during sample preparation and quantification. Properly leveraging microplate technology in these processes can boost throughput and improve the quality of sequencing data. 

  • Choosing the right microplate technology for your lab
  • Enhancing the consistency and reproducibility of cell-based assays
  • Improving throughput of next-generation sequencing with microplate technology 
  • Best practices for cultivating organoids with microplate technology

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