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Microplate Technology

Microplate readers help maximize laboratory efficiency while delivering on accelerated productivity through high-throughput screening and analysis

Microplate Technology Resource Guide 

Microplate readers or handlers are versatile laboratory instruments that can analyze multiple samples simultaneously, thus increasing user walk-away time as well as laboratory throughput and efficiency. Often used in various scientific disciplines including biochemistry, molecular biology, and pharmaceutical research, to name a few, microplate readers are critical for biomarker research, cell biology, and assay development. 

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Microplate readers offer laboratories the opportunity for parallel processing their workflows, paving the way for accelerated scientific development and discovery. This is facilitated by the ability to screen large numbers of samples in a relatively short period of time. This allows researchers to focus on what is most important, research, while easing up on laboratory cost, time, and resource consumption observed for similar experiments using traditional screening methods. 

  • Questions to ask when buying a microplate handler 
  • How to identify the right reader 
  • What is the required reading for cell-based assays
  • Using microplate technology to enhance next-generation sequencing 
  • Automated liquid handlers for chemical screening 
  • Microplate technology options for organoids  


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