Cover Story |  Volume 14 - Issue 2  |  March 2019

Developing Women Leaders

The challenges and triumphs for women in science today


Leadership and Staffing

Developing Women Leaders

The challenges and triumphs for women in science today

Mind Your Manners!

How proper laboratory etiquette can make lab life better


Influential Women in Science

Women have made some of the most groundbreaking discoveries in science

3 Tips for Refractometer Sample Loading

Careful sample loading is vital to refractometer accuracy

Linda's Lab: The Undergrad

No one told Lenny it's a bad idea to scapegoat the new guy

Research-Specific Labs

Discovering the Role of Microbes in Ocean Life

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences studies the organisms that influence the ocean's ability to sustain life

Business Management

Applying Project Management Principles to Lab Research

Project management sets in motion structured and formalized approaches aimed at reducing uncertainty and enhancing predictability toward pre-specified results

Choosing a Calibration Provider

The right service can prevent delays and reduce expenses

Lab Health and Safety

Under Pressure

Cryogenic safety hazards and what it takes to control them

Lab Inspections: Recognizing Problems and Eliminating Hazards

Inspections are conducted at least annually to ensure safety and compliance with all applicable lab safety regulations and guidelines

Ask Linda: Lab Safety Training

With a research facility’s typical mix of laboratories, instrument rooms, chemical storage, and waste handling, hazards are always present


Advances in Field Instrumentation for Environmental Testing

Advances in field instrumentation have enabled extensive analysis outside the traditional laboratory setting

Ask the Expert

Analytical Method Validation

How to overcome common challenges of validating methods and avoid delays 

Product Focus

Water Bath Basics

The most neglected piece of equipment in a lab might be the water bath

How to Ensure Proper Maintenance of Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerator and freezer maintenance is an ongoing issue

Smart Microwave Digestion

Microwave digestion has been used for decades in chemistry, materials, and biology labs

Viscometer Buying Tips

Viscometers tend to be a “buy once and forget it” type of purchase

Products in Action

Rebel Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet

The Rebel Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) promotes comfort and safety by improving ergonomics when viewing cell culture samples with Echo’s Rebel microscope