Business Management

What You and Your IT Team Should Know About the Cloud

A well-written service level agreement could make the difference between a successful implementation and an endless round of finger pointing and additional expenses.

Data Integrity and Compliance

New cybersecurity and quality control solutions log adverse events and anticipate future events.

Research-Specific Labs

Ocean Observatories Initiatives’ Cabled Array Brings the Ocean to Your Living Room, 24/7

“A lot of the powerful environmental events that happen in the oceans occur when we’re not there,” says Deborah Kelley, director of the OOI Cabled Array

Leadership and Staffing

How to Build the Most Productive Relationship with Your IT Team

IT departments play a critical role in the overall operation and success of organizations.

Laboratory Technology

The Latest Apps for the Tech-Wise Researcher

For lab managers, researchers, and bench scientists, scores of apps are now available to simplify and improve a range of processes in the lab.

May 2017 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Advanced Informatics for Analyzing Biological Data

More accurate protein insights help researchers and pharmaceutical companies drive scientific breakthroughs

Lab Health and Safety

Guidelines Toward an Ergonomically Friendly Lab

The ‘office’ aspect of laboratory research should not be overlooked


Putting CRISPR to Work in Agriculture

How regulatory revisions ahead may impact its widespread use

Next-Gen Sequencing for Microbiomes

Scientists have only recently come to understand the contributions of microbiomes to human health and illness.

Ask the Expert

Challenges and Trends in Chromatography Data System Validation

Trends with chromatography data systems in regulated environments are focused around data integrity.

Trends in Data Visualization

Jeremy Goecks, PhD, and Tommy Dang, PhD, talk about the key challenges in data visualization.

Product Focus

Using Triple-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry to Simplify Your Workflow

Triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry pulls more information from samples and simplifies the workflow.

Tips for Low-Volume Pipetting

Accuracy depends on you: know your pipette, maintain it, and practice good technique.

Gas Generators and the Benefits of Preventive Care

Labs are increasingly doing away with gas cylinders and acquiring on-site gas generators instead. 

Using LIMS to Address Core Labs' Workflows

Core labs for medical testing and next-generation sequencing (NGS) are apparently here to stay


2017 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Survey Results

Find out readers’ top 10 uses and more from our latest UV-Vis spectrophotometer survey results.

2017 Microplate Handler User Survey Results

Learn readers’ purchasing plans and more from our latest microplate handler survey results.

What to Know About Your Cold Storage Service Agreement

Learn readers’ most common service and repair methods and more from our latest results.

2017 Vacuum Pump Survey Results

Learn readers’ most common service and repair methods and more from our latest results.

How it Works

When is a Vial Not Just a Vial?

Vials are small containers composed of glass or plastic used to hold your sample.