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A woman in a lab coat looking into a microscope with an open door behind her

Cover Story |  Volume 17 - Issue 7  |  September 2022

From Collaboration to Miniaturization

Ten research trends shaping lab design in 2022 and beyond


Management Tips

Group of scientists celebrating and high-fiving each other

Three Keys to Celebrating More Effectively

How to improve morale by improving celebrations

Lab Design and Furnishings

Interior shot of a research facility with a conference room adjacent to a laboratory.

From Collaboration to Miniaturization

Ten research trends shaping lab design in 2022 and beyond

Exterior shot of the main entrance to CARB

Sustainable Lab Facility Works to Make Cleaner Cars

CARB headquarters incorporates energy-saving strategies in a semi-arid climate

Labs Less Ordinary

Exterior view of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Fighting Cancer in a Former Steam Plant

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center serves as a living memorial to a baseball legend

Business Management

Scientists stand in a lab working at benches

Three Strategies for Picking the Right Vendor for Your Lab Build or Renovation

Selecting good partners and setting them up for success will pay dividends on your project outcome and bottom line

Asset Management

Scientist passes a petri dish to another in a research laboratory

Best Use of Laboratory Resources and Space

Need more productivity and space as your lab grows? Here are some quick tips to help optimize your lab assets

Leadership and Staffing

Group of colleagues have a meeting in a conference room

Five Tactics for Kicking Off a Successful Laboratory Design Project

With many individuals participating in the project, it is important to get on the same page from the start

Lab Health and Safety

Exterior shot of the Argonne Materials Design Laboratory

Designing for a National Lab's Rigorous Safety Standards

Argonne's Materials Design Laboratory hosts groundbreaking energy research

Ask the Expert

Scientist in a food lab works at the lab bench

Quality Testing Ensures Food Products are Safe, Enjoyable for Consumers

Quality testing labs are a crucial resource for food manufacturers during product development and after the launch

Product Focus

Pharmacist weights sample on a precision balance

Precision and Capacity in Laboratory Balances

A wide array of precisions, capacities, and features add up to balance options for every type of laboratory

Photo of a DSC calorimeter

How to Choose a Calorimeter

Differential scanning calorimetry can help meet your needs in characterizing heat-related material properties

Interior shot of ULT freezer showing sample racks covered in frost

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Used ULT Freezers

The decision to buy a used ULT freezer should be weighed against your budget, the value of your samples, and urgency

Photo of water being pipetted into a beaker

Water Purification Systems: Reverse Osmosis versus Deionized

Both methods have their uses, but one is typically preferred over the other

Innovations In

Exterior shot of a glass-paneled building

Innovations in Sustainable Lab Design

As the demand for greener lab facilities increases, so does the potential for novel sustainable lab infrastructure and materials