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Cover Story |  Volume 5 - Issue 8  |  October 2010

Career Building

Ten Principles to becoming a more successful lab manager


Leadership and Staffing

Career Building

While technical ability is essential to becoming a successful laboratory manager, it is not sufficient. Many outstanding scientists or engineers have failed as lab managers. It takes more than just technical ability. What is this more that outstanding lab managers have?

Performance Appraisals

Done well and consistently, performance appraisals can be one of your most important tools in becoming an excellent manager. Accuracy, truthfulness, objectivity and courage are the keys to effective performance management through performance appraisals.

Lab Manager Academy: Don't Just Do Something S.I.T. There!

Success ultimately depends on the “something” that we do, not a flurry of misguided activity.


A 2004 USA Today article said that the professional science masters (PSM) degree promised to be the hot degree no one seems to have heard ofyet. Six years later, 96 institutions now offer recognized PSM programs and approximately 2,700 students have earned this degree.


The Fourth Annual Salary & Employee Satisfaction Survey

In reviewing this year's survey results, it is not surprising to discern a noticeable belt-tightening on the part of management and a rise in the subsequent stress felt by lab employees.

Science Matters: Survey Reveals Employee Satisfaction Criteria

For the fourth consecutive year, the annual Lab Manager Magazine - Kelly Scientific Resources® Salary & Employee Satisfaction Survey revealed valuable and interesting findings that can assist managers and their employees in improving efficiency and morale.

Laboratory Technology

Mind Mapping

Mind maps are used as an aid in organizing ideas and tasks, problem solving, and decision making. Lab managers can use mind mapping to design R&D projects to develop new products or process innovations and track progress of the work.

MIND MAP for Increasing HPLC Analysis

Using a MIND MAP to provide mental prompts when running specific HPLC processes can be more effective and efficient.

Autoscribe LIMS with ELN Functionality

Autoscribe LIMS with ELN Functionality

Provides a complete laboratory data management capability that combines features that would be expected in either a LIMS or an ELN.

Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8030

Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8030

High-sensitivity analysis allows a wide variety of measurement modes, including MRM, scan, combination scan/MRM, and neutral loss scan

USA Scientific Pipettes

New ergonomic pipette.

BioTek Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Monochromator-based reader for UV-Vis absorbance, top/ bottom fluorescence and luminescence assays can be upgraded to a “hybrid” reader with the addition of a highperformance filter module.

HPLC Columns for Peptide Purification

Available in 3 different surface chemistries, covering range from hydrophobic peptides to hydrophilic.

October 2010 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Product Focus

Product Focus: Milling and Grinding

No shortage of methods; the choice depends on the sample.

Product Focus: Laboratory Ovens

“Nobody gets excited about lab ovens,” comments one vendor, “but ovens are definitely essential lab components.”

Product Focus: Pipettes

It is not much of a stretch to say that the 1961 introduction of the plunger-operated pipette revolutionized laboratory work.

Product Focus: Fume Hoods

It would be difficult to imagine a chemistry laboratory without at least one fume hood. Despite their ubiquity and the notion that they are not “sexy” lab products, a great deal of innovation has occurred in fume hoods during the last decade.

Product Focus: HPLC Autosamplers

Chromatographers who learned their craft twenty years ago may not have been familiar with autosamplers then, but today nearly every high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrument includes an autosampler as standard equipment.

Product Focus: RNAi Reagents

Delivering interfering RNA into whole organisms (vs. cells) presents even greater challenges, but the potential rewards are also high.

Lab Design and Furnishings

Modular Labs Going Mainstream

How can a lab conduct multidisciplinary research under one roof? What is the most efficient and cost-effective way to add a new lab? Flexible modular laboratories have evolved as innovative answers to these often-daunting questions.

Lab Product

Evolution of the pH Meter

Tracing the origins of the pH meter and looking ahead to future advances.

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Food Safety Laboratory

The requirements for sophisticated instruments and well-trained, experienced analysts in food safety laboratories are essential factors in making certain that food is safe from chemical contamination.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: How to Choose the Right RNAi Reagents

The choices that need to be made when selecting reagents and optimizing assay protocols for RNAi-based screens.

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Proper Eye Protection

Given the economical cost, performance and myriad styles of today's safety eyewear, there is no excuse for not wearing proper eye protection.

Business Management

Buying a Pre-Owned SEM

Buying a Pre-Owned SEM

With the cost of an upper echelon field emission scanning electron microscope approaching $1 million, a pre-owned SEM becomes a cost-effective possibility. But before purchasing any SEM, new or used, a couple of questions need to be answered.

How it Works

How to Reduce Operator Time for Rotary Evaporators

The Centrifan PE is a portable, easy-to-use centrifugal evaporation system that provides safe, rapid drying of purified fractions and lab scale reaction mixtures.

How Pasteurization in a Laboratory Glassware Washer Works

With the PG 8536 from Miele, temperatures can be raised step-by-step, then held for a specific time interval and reduced.

How it Works: Efficient Oligonucleotide Analysis and Design

In order to address the need for a quick and easy-to-use method of oligo optimization, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) offers the SciTools suite of free, online oligo analysis and design tools.

How a Biological Safety Cabinet Exhaust Canopy Works

The Baker Company's FlexAIR canopy exhaust connection saves energy and improves overall safety performance.

Purchasing Guides

Lab Manager Magazine's Independent Guide to Purchasing a Pipette

There are many different features of a pipette to take into consideration before making your purchase, including ergonomics, low force, fitting, ease of use, reliability, accuracy and precision.