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Cover Story |  Volume 7 - Issue 8  |  September 2012

Social Media Gone Viral

Once considered superfluous, social media has now become a vital tool for scientific information sharing, knowledge building, and networking


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If you can’t beat them, join them

While the need for trans-global collaboration was obvious in 1991, the reluctance of the scientific community to embrace the social media aspects of the Internet for that same purpose seems curious

Business Management

Social Media Gone Viral

Once considered superfluous, social media has now become a vital tool for scientific information sharing, knowledge building, and networking.

No Boundaries

Large companies and government agencies often have laboratories dispersed over a wide geographic area— sometimes around the world.

Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk

Communication problems are all around us–two people talking about two completely different things and thinking they are communicating. People not paying attention to what the other person is saying–simply buying time to say what they want to say. Here are some tips on how to communicate effectively.

Science Matters: Putting Social Media to Work in the Lab

Being connected with colleagues all over the world with regard to your lab work or any other project your organization is working on isn’t just about taking an innovative approach when it comes to the scientific workplace.

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Around the Clock Lab Safety

Around the Clock Lab Safety

Some service laboratories operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These include chemical plant laboratories, laboratories in other types of production plants, some hospital laboratories, and forensic laboratories.

Provide Adequate Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment

Provide Adequate Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment

Employers are responsible for making sure personal protective equipment (PPE) is available and that employees are using it.

Leadership and Staffing

What Is Workplace Bullying?

What Is Workplace Bullying?

While the term “bullying” is often associated with children, it is very common to see the same type of behavior in a work setting. Here are some startling facts about workplace bullying that you may not know.

Laboratory Technology

Building Transparency— A Bottom-Up View

How strategically integrating informatics tools across a drug discovery workflow can improve transparency, trust and productivity.

Repair, Maintenance, and Calibration, Oh My!

Designing the most cost-effective and efficient instrument service program requires careful consideration.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: Trends in Next-Generation Sequencing

George Weinstock, Ph.D., professor of Genetics and Molecular Microbiology at Washington University, discusses what a lab manager can do to stay abreast of changes in the rapidly evolving field of next-generation sequencing.

Lab Health and Safety

Cut to the Chase

Cut to the Chase

Recently we had the unpleasant experience of investigating a gruesome and almost deadly accident. A maintenance worker was removing a cable tie from a package on the loading dock when his pocketknife slipped and punctured his thigh, slicing his femoral artery.

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Polymer Lab

Jason Todd is in the business of solving puzzles—in the laboratory. As a manager of the liquid chromatography lab and co manager of the gas chromatography lab at Polymer Solutions Incorporated (PSI) in Blacksburg, Virginia, he’s continually solving chemical and material mysteries.

Product Focus

Refrigerators & Freezers: Users Demand Accuracy, Consistency and Capabilities

Refrigerators & Freezers: Users Demand Accuracy, Consistency and Capabilities

In science laboratories, researchers know the value of keeping samples frozen for long periods of time. Nonetheless, many scientists don’t give much thought to the features of a lab freezer.

Product Focus: Lab Ovens

Lab ovens appear in many settings, from basic research to industrial work. Moreover, scientists can choose from a wide range of options.

Product Focus: Microplate Readers

Microplate technology has thrived thanks to the desire to avoid radioactive assays and the need to measure more samples faster, at lower volumes, and in parallel.

Product Focus: Thermal Analyzers

Product Focus: Thermal Analyzers

Thermal analysis is the broad category of at least 20 techniques that measure some fundamental property of matter as a result of adding heat.


2012 pH Meters Product Survey Results

In the mid-1930s, Arnold Beckman created one of the first commercial pH meters— made originally to measure the acidity of lemons.

2012 Pipettes Survey Results

Best practices dictate that pipettes undergo preventive maintenance and calibration at least once per year. Calibration involves dispensing set volumes of a liquid, usually water, into the weighing pan of a calibrated balance.

Lab Product

The Right Choice For Evaporators & Evaporation Systems

Evaporators and evaporation systems are a key part of the sample prep process in many laboratories and industries. In particular, rotary evaporators have been crucial in materials, forensics, life science, environmental, and chemical industries for decades.

The Right Choice For Water Purification Systems

Laboratory water purification systems are a common fixture in a variety of different types of facilities. In order of decreasing purity, the different classifications of pure water are as follows: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

September 2012 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Products in Action

NEW Avanti J-26S High Performance Centrifuge

One centrifuge. So many possibilities. The Avanti J-26S series is the only high performance centrifuge system you’ll ever need. Built upon benchmark performance, including high speed, low heat output, imbalance tolerance, and low noise the

How it Works

How a Free Online Management Tool Works

How a Free Online Management Tool Works

Did somebody order more dNTPs? Where is the p53 antibody? Every day, simple questions like these disrupt workflow and distract researchers from their experiments

How it Works: Application Specific Sensors for Bioprocess Control

Problem: The bioprocessing industry is advancing the capability to monitor and control its manufacturing systems.

How it Works: A Modular and Customizable Automation Solution

Problem: With the vast majority of drug discovery research facilities and a growing number of academic laboratories now utilizing automated workflows, the ability to safely move plates from one instrument to the next is vital to ensure the efficient progression of the protocol.

How a Dispensing and Diluting System Works

Problem: Preparing samples for analysis can be a tedious, time-consuming process that is often seen as too small to automate.